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Zesheng New Materials Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2014 and specializes on the market for lithium battery. We offer lithium battery raw materials, NMP recovery system solutions, NMP and N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone at incredibly affordable prices. Since its establishment, we enterprise has always adhered to the core business philosophy of R&D and innovation, with professional focus and pursuiting of excellence, relying on independent core technology, continuously update and iterate, and exploit new business fields. The products are widely exported to, Indonesia, Russia, Malaysia, Brazil, etc and throughout the world. We have already taken the lead in our line due to our continuous creation in new items, stable quality in production and timely delivery together with the best possible prices. ZOLSEM is proud to create and manufacture the perfect product for each individual customer's unique application needs, resulting in a smooth, productive, and even fun shopping experience. We plan to focus on creating a fantastic and novel product in the coming years in order to expand our market share. In order to increase our market competitiveness and fulfill the varying needs of clients from around the world, we will also boost the internal technical strength, adopt innovative production technology, and raise the quality of our products.

People May Ask

Which substances dissolve PVC?

Polymers based on cyanoacrylate and acrylic [PMMA, MMA, etc.] can form strong molecular bonds. [ABS, PVC, HIPS] => Acetone and Methyl Ethyl Ketone [MEK aka 2-Butanone] will dissolve ABS and PVC, and as the solvents dry, they will chemically reconstruct the joint in a less organized way.

Which solvent is suitable for HDPE?

To create high-strength UHMWPE fiber, a variety of solvents are used, including dodecane, decalin, p-xylene, 1,2,4-trichlorobenzene, kero ene, and paraffin oil.

What is HDPE's weakness?

HDPE's drawbacks include: Possibility of stress cracking. possesses less rigidity than polypropylene. Low UV resistance and high mold shrinkage.

Is polypropylene solvent-safe?

Like the majority of polyolefin resins, polypropylene resin is extremely resistant to solvents and chemicals. Strong inorganic acids, such as fuming nitric acid at ambient temperature and 98% sulfuric acid at 600C, significantly damage them.

What constitutes HDPE or trong?

Because the polymer chain in HDPE has no branching, the molecules are packed closely together during crystallization, increasing density and rigidity.

Can acetone be poured into HDPE?

Acetone should always be kept in HDPE bottles with a tight cap, out of direct sunlight. After a week of acetone storage in PET bottles, the bottles start to discolor, start to swell, and eventually start to leak and burst.

How are PVDF binders made?

Popular solutions (1) The best method that I have found to create slurry is to first take the active ingredient and thoroughly mill it for 10 minutes. Next, add the conductive carbon, and grind both ingredients for around 15 minutes. Then, transfer this mixture to any type of paper, add PVDF to the mortar, produce a slurry with NMP, and thoroughly mix.

What is liable to harm polypropylene?

Like most polyolefin resins, polypropylene resin is extremely sensitive to solvents and chemicals. Inorganic acids, such as fuming nitric acid at ambient temperature and 98% ulfuric acid at 600C, have a noticeable impact on them.

How challenging is the V300?

The V300 Prescription Course: How Difficult Is It? It was challenging, just like any qualifying would be. It is entirely up to you whether you complete it at Level 6 or Level 7. If you're considering pursuing an all-encompassing Master's degree, Level 7 is advised.

Is HDPE acetone soluble?

Acetone won't dissolve HDPE, but it can cause the material to fail. Acetone will eventually develop horizontal (or circumferential) solvent-stress cracks at the level of the liquid-vapor interface, which will cause it to rupture when squeezed if left in a Nalgene bottle for an extended period of time.

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Andy Lemm

I purchased this case in order to use a MagSafe wallet with my iPhone 11 Pro Max, and I'm delighted to say that it works fantastically. The magnet in the case can easily hold the wallet, and Qi charging functions wonderfully. Similar to the silicone casings used by Apple, silicone also has a great, expensive feel to it. I also value the absence of logos on the outside. Overall, this is a fantastic option for individuals who wish to use MagSafe accessories but do not own an iPhone 12.


I recently used this case to turn my iPhone XS Max into a MagSafe device. Since I've long been a fan of liquid silicone cases, I leaped at the chance to purchase one when I discovered that it included a MagSafe charging ring. I'm glad I did because the MagSafe ring works flawlessly and blends in with the casing. I didn't want the white circle that was apparent in other examples that I had observed. Owners of the iPhone XS Max who want a MagSafe device will love this case.


The pans are amazing, and I'm glad I purchased them for ZOLSEM Prime Day! Nevertheless, Fed Ex would not leave the item unattended if a person was home to sign for it, and the shipping option demanded a "direct signature". Had this been mentioned at the time of purchase, I would have arranged for shipping to my place of employment instead of requiring Fed-Ex to visit my home three times in order to obtain a "direct signature" from a human at the specified address—that is, not from my next-door neighbor or a paper release.

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