How to choose a better NMP supplier quickly? !

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“How to choose a more suitable NMP supplier it may be a problem that lithium battery manufacturers are thinking about.”

  • What kind of supplier is a good supplier?
  • How should buyers choose the right suppliers?

I believe that anyone who has experience in procurement knows how much convenience and assistance an excellent supplier can bring to themselves and the company.

Firstly, let’s take stock of the performance of the poor suppliers:

1. Without a professional team for connecting, untimely delivery, wrong quantity, and wrong purity may trouble you every day;

2. At the project site, there are frequent disputes over trivial matters, and you need to come to coordinate and resolve them;

3. During the period of being rushing to work, but due to some payment problems, they went on strike and refused to work;

There are many more, but once you find an unreliable supplier, he will be your “BOSS”!

So how should high-quality suppliers be selected?

Professional, responsible, and pay attention to their own brand effect!

  • Before cooperation, you can list the problems that Party A has not been considered and proposed solutions, so that Party A has no worries about cooperation;
  • During the cooperation, even in the face of many emergencies on the project site, there is a professional team who can help Party A to solve problems;

There are five aspects guaranteed!

As a high-quality NMP supplier, once we cooperate, we should strive to maintain a long-term cooperative relationship. Therefore, there must be practical guarantees in terms of delivery time of supply, product quality, product price, advance payment period, and service performance.

1. Warranty time and delivery time: It directly determines Party A’s production progress, project pre-sale nodes, capital return, etc., so it is very important.

2. Product quality assurance: It plays a key role in the quality of the project and directly determines the market competitiveness and premium level of the project.

3. Product price guarantee: Suppliers have their own production plants can reduce procurement costs for Party A and ensure Party A’s project profit level.

4. Guarantee of advance account period: As a capital-intensive industry, the supplier’s account period can effectively improve Party A’s sufficient cash flow level.

5. Service cooperation guarantee: The project site may require professionals to focus on the recovery of NMP waste liquid to ensure that the concentration of the waste liquid meets the recycling standards, saving time and project costs for Party A.

In fact, cooperation is really like falling in love, and cooperation in both directions can last for a long time. Therefore, it is not only Party A selects suppliers, as an NMP supplier, we are also selecting high-quality Party A, which is the basis for long-term cooperation.

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