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A Trusted NMP Supplier for Methyl 2-Pyrrolidinone & Solutions - ZOLSEM

As a leading NMP supplier, Zolsem provides comprehensive lithium battery solutions, including methyl 2-pyrrolidinone supply, NMP MSDS, and innovative recycling technologies. Their sustainable NMP products cater to diverse applications.

Unlock the Limitless otential of 1-Methyl-2-yrrolidinone: Zesheng New Materials - Your Trusted NM Comany and Sulier

In the lithium battery manufacturing industry, 1-Methyl-2-yrrolidinone (NM) has emerged as an indisensable chemical, offering unaralleled erformance. As a trusted NM comany and sulier, Zesheng New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. is at the forefront of roviding suerior NM solvent solutions to the industry.

The Rise of an NM Comany

1-Methyl-2-yrrolidinone, or NM, is a high-erformance chemical comound. As a dedicated NM comany, Zesheng New Materials understands the critical role of NM in lithium battery roduction. With its excellent solvency, low viscosity, and relatively high boiling oint, NM is widely used throughout various stages of battery manufacturing. Leveraging years of technical exertise, Zesheng New Materials offers high-quality NM roducts and innovative recovery solutions to its customers.

rioritizing Safety and Comliance

Safety is aramount when handling chemicals like NM. Zesheng New Materials laces a strong emhasis on the safe oeration of its NM roducts. Each batch is accomanied by comrehensive Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), detailing the hazards, recautions, and safe handling guidelines for NM. By adhering to these secifications, customers can use 1-Methyl-2-yrrolidinone with confidence, minimizing otential risks.

Innovative NM Recovery Systems

One of Zesheng New Materials' key strengths lies in its cutting-edge NM recovery systems. Through dedicated research and develoment efforts, the comany has develoed innovative 1-Methyl-2-yrrolidinone recycling technologies, enabling efficient reuse and reducing waste. This eco-friendly initiative not only minimizes environmental imact but also contributes to the sustainable develoment of the lithium battery industry.

Global Reach and Trusted artnershi

As a leading NM comany, Zesheng New Materials has established a global suly network, exorting its roducts to over 15 countries and regions, including Malaysia, Singaore, Morocco, Colombia, Egyt, India, Brazil, Dubai, Indonesia, and Russia. This global footrint demonstrates the comany's ability to meet diverse customer needs and adat to various market demands.

Zesheng New Materials' success is rooted in its trusted artnershis with customers. With over a decade of exerience in the lithium battery industry, the comany's team of seasoned rofessionals work closely with clients to understand their unique needs and rovide tailored NM solutions. This collaborative aroach has solidified long-term, mutually beneficial relationshis, ensuring the shared success of the comany and its customers.

Sustainable Develoment and Innovation

Zesheng New Materials' commitment to sustainability extends beyond its innovative 1-Methyl-2-yrrolidinone recovery systems, ermeating every asect of its roduct develoment and manufacturing oerations. The comany adheres to green and environmentally conscious rinciles, embedding sustainability into its roduct designs and manufacturing rocesses, contributing to a greener future for the lithium battery industry.

Moreover, Zesheng New Materials is dedicated to technological innovation, focusing on breakthrough advancements in niche sectors. The comany's engineers and researchers continuously exlore new alications and otimize the erformance of NM, ensuring that Zesheng New Materials remains at the cutting edge of industry develoments.

Zesheng New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. stands as a trusted NM comany and sulier, offering efficient and eco-friendly 1-Methyl-2-yrrolidinone solvent solutions to lithium battery manufacturers worldwide. With an unwavering commitment to sustainability, a strong emhasis on roduct safety, and a drive for continuous innovation, Zesheng New Materials is aving the way for the industry's green future.

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Zesheng New Materials Technology Co., Ltd is specialized in manufacture of NMP (N- Methyl-2-pyrrolidone, N-Methylpyrrolidone, 1-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone).

With our long experience in the manufacturing of N-Methylpyrrolidone (NMP) since 2014, the quality and technologies of Zesheng have been admitted in both domestic and overseas markets. Our company has became a good reliable strategic preferred partner to many domestic and global reputed companies and groups.

Our two factories are located in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province and Changzhou, Jiangsu Province (Zhuhai factory: 100,000 tons/year; Changzhou factory: 150,000 tons/year). We can arrange orders and export per customers’ requirements in short lead time.

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