Comprehensive NMp Chemical Solvent Recovery And Purification System

The NMp chemical solvent recovery system is an HVAC system that recovers N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone (NMp) and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and hazardous air pollutants (HAps) from the exhausts of lithium-ion battery manufacturing facilities. The NMp recovery unit absorbs and recovers the NMp gas, which prevents air pollution. The recovered NMp solvent is then sent to the NMp purification unit, where it is purified to a high concentration of 99.9 wt% or more.

NMp is a colorless liquid organic compound that is miscible with water and most common organic solvents. It is used in the petrochemical, polymer, and battery industries as a solvent because of its nonvolatility and ability to dissolve diverse materials.

Liquid NMp recovery involves fractional distillation, which separates NMp from impurities at lower-than-boiling point temperatures. The result is highly pure NMp, with recovery rates of up to 95% and purity levels of 99%.

NMp recovery and its on-site dehydration/distillation have an extremely short return-on-investment cycle, compared to the cost of new NMp.

Detailed Overview of The NMp Chemical Solvent Recovery And Purification Process

The NMp recovery system absorbs and recovers N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone (NMp) gas from the manufacturing process of lithium-ion secondary batteries. The NMp recovery unit has three primary process steps:

1. Adsorption

Exhaust air from lithium-ion battery electrode manufacturing is propelled through a zeolite wheel, where the NMp emissions are captured by the zeolite beads at room temperature.

2. Desorption

The NMp-laden "spent" zeolite is rotated around to the Desorption airflow where it is heated to 300-400°F and the NMp solvent is released into a small, concentrated air stream.

3. Purification

The recovered NMp solvent is sent to the NMp purification unit and purified to a high concentration of 99.9 wt% or more.

On-site recycling can reduce running costs to about one-tenth compared to when the solvent is not recycled, and about one-fifth compared to recycling by a contractor.

NMp is an organic compound that is used as a solvent in the petrochemical, polymer, and battery industries. It is a colorless liquid, although impure samples can appear yellow. NMp is miscible with water and with the most common organic solvents.

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Apply a small amount of petroleum jelly once the terminals have dried. This will strengthen the connection, lubricate them, and aid in preventing future corrosion. You're good to go after reconnecting the positive and negative cable! Be cautious because a bad connection can be caused by using too much petroleum jelly.

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Put some isopropyl alcohol on. In terms of cleaning electronics, isopropyl alcohol delivers a one-two punch. Without leaving behind any additional moisture, it removes residue from other cleaning products (in this case, lemon juice or white vinegar) that can gum up your devices. It dries rapidly and is safe and efficient.

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