Harnessing The Stability And Solvency of N-Methyl-2-Pyrrolidone (NMp)

1-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone (NMp) is a polar aprotic liquid with high chemical and thermal stability. It has a low volatility, high velocity, and low toxicity, which contributes to its good chemical and thermal stability. NMp is miscible with water at all temperatures and can serve as a co-solvent with water, alcohols, glycol ethers, ketones, and aromatic/chlorinated hydrocarbons.

NMp is a colorless to slightly yellow liquid that is heavier than water. It has a molecular formula of C5H9NO and is made from reacting monomethylamine (MMA) and gamma-butyraceous (GBL). NMp has a high boiling point, low viscosity, and good solvency for a wide range of organic and inorganic compounds.

NMp significantly decomposes when heated to a temperature at or above about 700° F. It has an auto-ignition temperature of 245–270 °C (473–518 °F) and a boiling point of 202–204 °C (396–399 °F).

NMp is not compatible with oxidizing agents, strong acids, reducing agents, and strong bases.

NMp has unlimited shelf life in tightly closed containers, and slight discoloration does not impair its quality.

The Versatile Stability of 1-Methyl-2-Pyrrolidone (NMp): A Versatile Solvent And Co-Solvent

1-methyl-2-pyrrolidone (NMp) has good chemical and thermal stability due to its low volatility, high velocity, and low toxicity. NMp is a colorless to slightly yellow liquid with a molecular formula of C5H9NO. It has a high boiling point, and low viscosity, and is miscible with water at all temperatures. NMp is also non-corrosive.

NMp's thermal decomposition can be minimized by adding small amounts of water before heating it to temperatures above 500° F. NMp is also stable at room temperature at any pH between 3.6 and 9, and at 90 °C in either slightly acidic or neutral conditions.

NMp's excellent chemical and thermal stability makes it useful as a solvent or co-solvent in many synthetic reaction systems. It has a selective affinity for aromatics, sulfur compounds, and unsaturated hydrocarbons. NMp can co-solvent with alcohols, water, glycol ethers, ketones, and aromatic/chlorinated hydrocarbons.

NMp is recyclable by distillation and is readily biodegradable. It is used as a solvent for engineering polymers and coating.

People May Ask

Why Is Hot Water Preferable to Cold Water As A Solvent?

Solids become more soluble thanks to the energy in hot water molecules. There are more collisions between the water molecules and a solid in hot water because the molecules are traveling more quickly. Water is a good solvent because it has the ability to dissolve other compounds.

How Does Temperature Affect A Solvent's Solubility?

More heat enters the system as the temperature rises. The system will respond to this extra heat energy by limiting the dissolving reaction, in accordance with Le Chatelier's Principle. The solute is therefore less soluble at higher temperatures.

What Impact Does High Temperature Have on Polymers?

Short-term effects are often physical modifications that can be undone if the temperature reaches its starting position. The majority of long-term impacts are permanent chemical alterations. Polymers break down at high temperatures (300–500 °C) and produce heat and hazardous substances.

What Elements Affect Polymers' Thermal Stability?

Functional groups, molecular weight, branch degree, cross-linking, and crystallinity are polymer structure-related elements that have a substantial impact on thermal stability.

At 4 C, Does DMSO Freeze?

The fact that DMSO has a relatively high freezing point of 18.5 °C (65.3 °F), which means that it is a solid at, or just below, room temperature, can limit its usefulness in various chemical processes (such as crystallization with cooling).

How Does NMP Work?

When responding to email or memo communications, it's usual to use the abbreviation NMP (Not My Problem) to indicate that the preceding message has been disregarded.

How Can The Solubility of A Solvent Be Tested?

As a result, to calculate the solubility of a solution, divide the solute's mass in grams by the solvent's volume in ccs, then multiply the result by 100.

What Factors Affect A Polymer's Thermal Stability?

Functional group, molecular weight, branch degree, cross-linking, and cry tallinity are polymer structure-related factors that significantly affect thermal stability.

What Four Characteristics Should The Ideal Oil Have in Order to Be Recovered?

A good purification solvent should be able to: (1) dissolve a moderate amount of the substance being purified at a high temperature, but only a small amount at a low temperature; (2) not react with the substance being purified; (3) dissolve impurities easily at a low temperature or not at all; and (4)...

How Can You Tell If A Problem Is Solvable?

An ideal cryogenic solvent would be non-toxic, inexpensive, and unreactive. It is crucial that the solvent have a boiling point that is quite low (about 100oC) as it will be bad if the solvent rapidly evaporates from the oil once recovered.

Good Chemical And Thermal Stability 1-Methyl-2-Pyrrolidone Products

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