The role of NMP in lithium battery

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NMP in lithium battery production

NMP is also known as N-methyl pyrrolidone, Chinese title: N-methylpyrrolidone, English title: 1-methyl-2-PyrrolidinOne, Chinese alias: NMP;  1-methyl-2-pyrrolidone;  N-methyl pyrrolidone (industrial grade);  N-methylpyrrolidone (electron grade), today, we’ll talk about the role of NMP in lithium battery production.

The role of NMP in lithium battery production: Lithium battery is an ideal chemical energy recognized internationally today. It has the advantages of small volume, large capacitance and high voltage, and is widely used in electronic products such as mobile phones and laptops. The expanding field of electric vehicles will bring greater development space for lithium ion battery in the future.  China and the world’s major developed countries have introduced a lot of policies to support new energy vehicles.  The development planning of new energy vehicles and other seven strategic emerging industries will further promote electric vehicles in Our country from the policy level.  In 2009, the global output of lithium ion batteries was about 3.05 billion, and the total battery capacity was about 15,000 WWH. Data show that the lithium battery capacity of electric vehicles reached 14,000 WWH in 2013, equivalent to 93% of the global capacity of small lithium batteries in 2009:  The capacity of lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles reached 45000Wh in 2018, nearly three times that of small lithium-ion batteries in 2009.

NMP belongs to nitrogen heterocyclic compounds, with a series of excellent physical and chemical properties, is a non-toxic, high boiling point, strong polarity, low viscosity, small corrosion, large solubility, low volatility, good stability, easy recovery of efficient selective solvent.  Widely used in petrochemical, pesticide, medicine, electronic materials and other fields.  

NMP is a very important auxiliary material in the production of lithium battery . It is the most commonly used solvent in the preparation process of lithium battery. It is commonly known as methyl, and its scientific name is N-methylpyrrolidone, and its molecular formula is C5H9N0.  As PVDF solvent, involved in slurry dispersion, the formation of uniform medium, in a certain viscosity range for a long time to maintain stable slurry.  

In the coating stage: as the main liquid carrier of slurry, evenly coated on the metal substrate with a stable thickness, and the metal substrate is required to have very good wettability and liquidity in the coating baking stage:  The wet film runs at a uniform speed in the oven, the solvent volatilizes regularly, and NMP is responsible for the pore-making function. NMP volatilizes from the wet film at a stable speed, forming porous microelectrode structure with uniform pore size and distribution.  

Coated device NMP exhaust gas recovery and treatment system and waste heat recovery device through the RECOVERY of NMP exhaust gas, air after purification treatment, to achieve “zero” emission requirements, waste heat recycling can be achieved according to customer requirements to save energy efficiency 65-80%, small investment, low energy consumption, small power, is about 10% of the import machine,  It can reach and exceed the performance indexes of NICHIAS hydrophobic zeolite ketone adsorbed honeycomb runner completely without runner. It is a cost-effective product.  

With developments for the new energy, the NMP is the one of the main solvent which is also important,and depend on the big demands about it,the price is more and more expensive,if you are interested in, know more information ,welcome to contact with us,there are rich experienced engineer for you,no matter for the NMP in stock or the technical regarding it.

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