EVE, GREAT POWER, etc. have entered the top 6 in terms of Lithium battery cell shipments in 2021!

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Although some research reports show that NMP (N-Methyl Pyrrolidone) solvent is harmful to the human body.But ZESHENG-NMP solvent (purity 99.9%, electronic grade) is an essential auxiliary material mainly used for lithium batteries manufacturing. ZESHENG has a dedicated team for monitoring and recycling of NMP during the manufacturing. Regarding environmental protection, ZESHENG shares the tradition of the head company WIT-FENGZE and always takes it seriously. For the specific NMP solvent application solution, please consult ZESHENG’s professional team.

Generally, NMP solvent is safe as a raw material for lithium batteries, but it does not mean that lithium batteries and household energy storage products are absolutely safe.

  • Recently, an explosion accident occurred in a home energy storage product in an apartment in Germany. After some investigation, the lithium battery supplier for this home energy storage was Samsung SDI.
  • This accident will have a certain impact on the brand’s lithium batteries. Because major companies that demand lithium batteries, in the process of selecting lithium battery suppliers, will check whether the supplier has had accidents of products in the past.

ZESHENG’s partners: GOTION HIGH-TECH,GREAT POWER,EVE,etc., are reliable lithium battery companies. In March 2022, according to the statistics of the New Energy Research Institute (GGII), a professional organization in the lithium battery industry, EVE and GREAT POWER have entered the top 6 in terms of lithium battery cell shipments in 2021. As a chemical supplier that provides raw material NMP solvent for GREAT POWER and EVE, ZESHENG is also worthy of your trust.

Although GOTION HIGH-TECH is not on the top 6 list, it may just be caused by different statistical basis. GOTION HIGH-TECH, which has won long contract of massive quantity of Volkswagen, has officially announced recently that it will expand power battery production capacity and build factories in overseas markets such as Europe, North America, and Asia, and accelerate occupation of overseas markets. ZESHENG, which is also deploying in overseas markets, hopes to take advantage of this trend to make global customers recognize ZESHENG’s NMP solvent (purity: 99.9%), so as to embrace challenges from global customers.

【FYI 1】

GGII ranks the major domestic energy storage battery companies based on their shipments in 2021. From the perspective of specific manufacturers, PYLONTECH ranks first in China, followed by ATL and BYD. Among them, BYD is deeply involved in the UK and EU markets, PYLONTECH focuses on the South African, EU and Australian markets. ATL, EVE, China REPT and GREAT POWER are more focused on selling battery cells. According to the statistics of battery cell shipments, the shipments of home energy storage lithium batteries of the top three companies have all exceeded 1GWh.

【FYI 2】

The internationalization strategy of GOTION HIGH-TECH is:

1. It plans to expand power battery capacity construction and subsidiary construction in overseas markets such as Europe, North America, and Asia;

2. Attract excellent overseas R&D technicians and management teams, and build excellent local teams;

3. Improve the R&D system of the company’s global industrial chain and accelerate the industrialization of R&D.

Source: Part of the information in this article comes from GGII.

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