What battery factories and car brands have successfully partnered before Valentine’s Day?

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May this Valentine bless you with the cupid of love and warmth of romance.

May you and your loved ones be happy day and night forever!

Happy Valentine’s Day Honey!

As an NMP supplier in the new energy industry, ZESHENG is taking stock of the battery factories and car brands that have been successful in holding hands before Valentine’s Day.

NMP supplier, ZESHENG

[CATL to build new battery plant with Ford Motors?]

CATL recently rumored to be in the running again, seems to be planning to build a power battery plant in Michigan in partnership with Ford Motor in the US. The billion-dollar battery plant will be built and Ford and CATL are likely to make an official announcement this week. But the companies involved in this content are still holding a non-committal attitude, I also hold a cautious editorial attitude of not spreading rumors and not creating rumors, I hope we wait for the official news to come out.

[The company’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Fudi Battery, will be involved in the construction of a new project in Zhengzhou Airport Economic Zone]

The BYD-born Fudi Battery has also recently broken new “roadshow” news that it will build a new power battery production line at the Zhengzhou Airport Economic Experimental Zone. According to a public announcement on the Zhengzhou Airport Economic Experimental Zone website, the project is planned to invest 8 billion yuan, with a total construction area of about 1.15 million square meters, and will have a power production scale of 40Gwh after completion.

Every day is Valentine’s Day

[NIO’s new battery pack or power cell package provided by CALB]

On the eve of Valentine’s Day, it was revealed that NIO will soon launch a new 100kWh battery pack, which can increase the charging power by about 100% compared to the battery pack currently in use, which is a piece of very powerful news. The new battery pack will be available on NIO’s new cars, and the new pack will also be available in NIO’s replacement stations. The demand is not insignificant.

NIO’s new 100kWh battery pack

And, as far as we know, NIO’s new battery pack is available in models ES8 and EC7 with a maximum 660A charging current. The battery can be charged from 10% to 80% in as little as 20 minutes.

Other models based on the NT2 platform (ET7, ES7, ET5) can receive a maximum charging current of 480A, with the battery taking as little as 26 minutes to charge from 10% to 80%.

NT1 platform models (older ES8, ES6, EC6) have a maximum charging current of 250A and a charging time of 47 minutes from 10% to 80%.


The reasons why the NIO is speculated to be powered by CALB are as follows.

Because CALB’s mass-produced new generation of PACK products with medium nickel high voltage fast charging technology has features that match the charging time of NIO’s new battery packs; CALB’s new generation of PACK products with medium nickel high voltage fast charging technology, which has been certified by the European R100, can achieve 10% to 80% SOC 20min fast charging.

Not only on the eve of Valentine’s Day but almost every month there is a successful partnership between a battery manufacturer and a car brand, so the new energy industry is not just talking about a wild ride in 2023. And as long as you are in love, every day is Valentine’s Day.

Finally, ZESHENG team, on this sweet day, we wish you a “dream” come true and a happy life for the rest of your life.

Happy Valentine’s Day

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