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Zesheng New Materials Technology Co., Ltd, which was founded in 2014, is a significant R& D hub for domestic lithium battery. It offers top-notch product design and manufacturing capabilities, with an emphasis on products for lithium battery raw materials, N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone, NMP and NMP recovery system solutions. Large quantities of our products are exported to DUBAI, India, Colombia, Singapore, Egypt, etc and other countries and regions all over the world. As opposed to competing distributors and manufacturers, we provide a vast selection of goods. While doing so, you'll find that our pricing is really reasonable. Together, we mature into adulthood. By working with us, you'll be free to concentrate on your home market. We don't have the cheapest prices, but we do have the best options for you. Eventually, thanks to our high-quality products and stellar reputation, we'll topple the global leaders in the lithium battery market. Our entire team is committed to meeting your requirements. We want to partner with you to establish global brands and dominate the lithium battery market.

People May Ask

Does acetone perform cleaner than MEK?

Acetone is a superior solvent since it can dissolve more compounds and evaporates quickly, making it a fantastic paint thinner and cleaner for electronics. MEK, on the other hand, is a stronger cleanser that works well with inks and dry erase markers since it dissipates more slowly.

Which is stronger, acetone or MEK?

Both acetone and MEK are water soluble. Acetone can, however, be easily evaporated to achieve concentration or to preserve an oil in an oil exchange because of its low boiling point. MEK is a stronger and more potent cleaner due to its higher boiling point.

What is the function of N methyl 2-pyrrolidone?

It is utilized to remove hydrogen sulfide from hydrodesulfurization and sour gas operations. NMP is used to dissolve a variety of polymers due to its high solvent qualities. It is specifically employed as a paint remover or as a solvent for treating the surfaces of textiles, resins, and metal-coated plastics.

Is PMMA removed by acetone?

PMMA can be removed using the majority of solvents, such as acetone and methylene chloride, as well as NMP (Remover 1165).

Which is preferable, FDA approval or FDA clearance?

Because the product's safety and efficacy have been examined, FDA approval is a higher requirement. FDA approved is a lesser threshold, and frequently a product is approved because it is similar to a product already on the market rather than because it has undergone extensive independent safety testing.

What examples of goods are not FDA-approved?

The following unregistered food products are prohibited from sale and consumption by the public, according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA):

What made MEK illegal?

Methyl ketone ethyl (MEK) is a poisonous compound that is colorless and has a sweet aroma. Its legality has been questioned due to its dangerous composition.

Is MEK a toxic substance?

* OSHA regulates methyl ethyl ketone, and it is listed as a hazardous substance by the EPA, ACGIH, DOT, NIOSH, DEP, HHAG, and NIOSH. Because it is FLAMMABLE, this substance is listed on the Special Health Hazard Substance List.

What does MEK's green substitute entail?

Products like AcraStrip are a powerful and environmentally safe MEK replacement that offers superior cleaning power without the risk of skin contact or hazardous fumes.

MEK can it corrode metal?

Not corrosive to carbon steel and aluminum alloys. There are no known hazardous decomposition products.

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