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What Is The BASF Strategy in China?

Sustainable technology and growth areas driven by innovation are our main priorities. In the southern Chinese province of Guangdong, we are constructing a new Verbund location in an effort to bolster our position in the rapidly expanding Asian market. Our workforce is essential to BASF's success.

So BASF Is A Master Builder Now?

The third quarter ended with BASF Group selling its Construction Chemicals division, which included Admixture Systems, to MBCC Group, a German rival supported by Lone Star Funds, a private equity firm. This transaction was long-planned.

Who Grants New Drug Approvals?

What FDA Approval Signifies. A drug's FDA approval indicates that CDER has evaluated its effect data and concluded that, for the target population, the drug's benefits outweigh any known and unknown hazards.

What Is NMP's Background?

By virtue of Presidential Decree 1369, the National Maritime Polytechnic was founded on May 1, 1978, and it remains the only government-run maritime training and research center in the Philippines. Executive Order 126 was signed in 1987, making it an affiliated agency of the Department of Labor and Employment.

BASF Construction Chemicals Was Purchased by Whom?

Lone Star InvestmentsFollowing Lone Star Funds' acquisition of the former BASF Construction Chemicals company, MBCC Group was formed and commenced operations on October 1, 2020.

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