Low-Toxicity NMp Materials Recovery System

An NMp recovery system is an HVAC system that removes N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone (NMp) and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and hazardous air pollutants (HAps) from battery manufacturing process exhausts. NMp is a solvent used to dissolve nickel, manganese, and cobalt (NMC) powder. Once the NMp powder has been released onto the electrode plates, the material is cooled, condensed, and collected as a waste by-product. Battery manufacturers may use 10,000–20,000 gallons of NMp per month.

NMp recycling is an environmental and cost-friendly alternative to buying new NMp and disposing of the used solvent after one use. NMp has low acute toxicity, but it has been found to irritate the skin, eyes, and respiratory tract. NMp has also caused malformations and fetal effects in rats and rabbits and is therefore considered a hazard to reproduction and development.

NMp recovery systems can offer over 99% reduction and recovery of volatile organic compounds. Maratek's NMp vapor recapture technology ensures the recovery of 100% pure condensate, without the need for scrubbers, molecular sieves, or carbon filters.

Recovering Low-Toxicity NMp Using Adsorption And Distillation Techniques

N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone (NMp) recovery systems can use adsorption and multi-stage distillation to recover NMp from exhaust air or waste.


This phase uses a zeolite wheel to capture NMp emissions from exhaust air at room temperature.

  • Exhaust air is propelled through the wheel.
  • Zeolite beads capture NMp emissions.


This phase uses heated air to release NMp solvent into a concentrated air stream.

  • The spent zeolite is rotated around to the Desorption airflow.
  • The airflow is heated to 300–400°F.

Multi-stage distillation This phase uses lower-than-boiling point temperatures to separate NMp from impurities. The result is highly pure NMp with recovery rates of up to 95% and purity levels of 99%.

NMp is a biodegradable solvent with low toxicity, low viscosity, and high resistance to chemicals and heat. It has a high boiling point (477.45 °K), a low melting point (249.55 °K), and a mild amine odor.

People May Ask

VOCs A Toxin?

The liver, kidneys, or central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) may get damaged as a result of exposure to very high levels of VOC. Having a high level may cause memory issues. VOCs are a class of chemicals, not just one type. Some are well-known to be extremely poisonous, whereas others have no documented negative effects on health.

What Are The Necessary Requirements for Reliability And Tolerance?

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The risk categories for the risks listed in the NRR are as follows:environmental risk, human and animal health, significant accident, and operational risk.Malicious attacks are happening all over the world.

What Drawbacks Exist with NMP?

NMP has been associated with fetal development issues, such as low birth weight and birth defects.

N-Methylpyrrolidone: Is It Poisonous?

It is harmful to both male and female animals' reproductive systems. The effects of NMP on human reproduction have not been studied. Depending on the animal test, you should treat NMP as a possible threat to human reproduction. An much exposure to NMP irritates the throat, eyes, nose, and skin.

How Can NMP Be Taken out of A Reaction Mixture?

In fact, NMP can be washed in water. The NMP will be eliminated if the item is left in the water for a few days.

Can PMMA Be Taken off?

However, an incision with a considerable breadth of 6 mm is necessary to remove the dilocated IOL if it is made of polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA).

How Should A PMMA Surface Be Cleaned?

For better results, it is advised to use gel repeatedly. For cleaning transparent and shiny PMMA in a museum's collection, this study suggests using Poly(vinyl acetate)/borax ethanol and Pemulen TR2/triethanolamine gel/emulsion with isopropanol or petroleum ether.

What Are The Four Qualities of An Effective Solvent for Extraction?

Conditions for Optimal Extraction of Solvent:Love the substance that needs to be extracted. Avoid believing impuritie. Volatile. not hazardous or flammable.

What Three Types of Extraction Are There?

According to the extraction principle, extraction methods include olvent extraction, di tillation procedure, preing, and ublimation. The technique that is used the most is solvent extraction.

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