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How Subpar Are Lithium Batteries Made?

However, the components used to make these batteries—such as nickel, cobalt, and lithium—present additional environmental difficulties. The local community and environment may be severely harmed by the methods used to extract these metals.

In What Way Is Lithium Extracted from Batteries?

The way the process operates is as follows: The battery waste is ground first. Next, this substance combines with aluminum to form metallic composites that include lithium compounds that are soluble in water. These compounds are dissolved in water, and the water is then heated to evaporate and recover lithium.

How Much Lithium Does An IPhone Contain?

When compared to the lithium required for electric vehicles (EVs), semiconductors, and specialty batteries, the amount of lithium used in these products is negligible. A typical electric vehicle battery requires approximately eight kilos of lithium, but an iPhone battery requires less than one gram of the metal.

Lithium from Battery Products

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