China specialized NMP solvent manufacturer

Strong alliance is not only a marketing game in the field of fast-moving goods, but also in the new energy industry! WIT FENG&ZESHENG, which manufactures and supplies NMP (N-methylpyrrolidone) solvents, is also well versed in this. The strong alliance in the field of fast-moving goods is usually cross-border marketing, such as the cross-border cooperation between Coconut Juice and Luckin Coffee; Thus the new energy industry is often a strong alliance of upstream, middle and downstream.

N-methyl Pyrrolidone(NMP) is the main product of Zesheng new materials.  Zesheng New Materials technology Co., LTD., which focuses on the production and supplying of high-quality NMP solvent, was founded in 2014 and officially expanded its business to the world in 2021.  As a specialized NMP solvent supplier, Zesheng New Materials plans to supply high quality NMP solvent,the …

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