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N-methyl Pyrrolidone(NMP) is the main product of Zesheng new materials.  Zesheng New Materials technology Co., LTD., which focuses on the production and supplying of high-quality NMP solvent, was founded in 2014 and officially expanded its business to the world in 2021.  As a specialized NMP solvent supplier, Zesheng New Materials plans to supply high quality NMP solvent,the purity is equal or higher than 99.9% for lithium battery enterprises in East Asia, South America, Eastern Europe, Middle East, North America, Southeast Asia and other parts of the world.  In order to improve the customer service ability of our team and offer more differentially industrial solutions to global customers, Zesheng New Materials Company held a mobilization meeting for all employees on March 7, 2022.  

specialized NMP solvent supplier

The meeting place was located in The office of Zesheng New Materials:

  • Songshan Lake, Dongguan, Guangdong, China, presided over by Chairman Xia Lin.

The participants of the meeting are:

  • All the staff of the head office(WIT Fengze); All the staff of zesheng New Materials ; Include all staff in Songshan Lake’s office&all staff in Wuxi Office, Jiangsu;  All staff stationed in factories in Zhuhai, Foshan and other places of Guangdong/ Henan/Hunan.  

Meeting contents:

  • The domestic business will continue to develop steadily, and the staff stationed in each region of the country shall do well in the control of NMP production, recycling and equipment;  
  • he foreign business team reported the business development of NMP(N-METHYL Pyrrolidone) solvent at the present stage, and formulated a more detailed work plan to promote global business.

Zesheng New Materials Technology Co., LTD., a subsidiary of WIT Fengze, aims to promote the global supply of NMP solvents.  

What are the advantages of Zesheng new materials?

  • There are 10+ year’s experiences professional engineer team in this industry for you. We have always focused on domestic  Trade in China and eventually achieved the industry’s top 10,(NMP solvent)annual sales of more than 270 million.  

Where is the target area of Zesheng new materials business?  

  • Global lithium battery enterprises in East Asia, South America, Eastern Europe, Middle East, North America and Southeast Asia, as well as lithium battery enterprises in China, are all future partners of Zesheng.  Zesheng hopes to have in-depth cooperation with lithium battery enterprises around the world via its professional NMP solvent production capacity and strong supply capacity.  

China Specialized NMP Solvent Supplier & Manufacturer– Zesheng New Materials is looking forward to cooperating with more lithium battery enterprises to create a sustainable future for the world.  Therefore, we will continue to update industry information, NMP quotes and other news for our friends and partners in the industry.  If you have any industrial questions, please  feel free to contact with us. Keep in touch. May the future bring us all the best—Zesheng.

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