lithium battery material

The importance attached by automobile brands to the production and manufacture of new energy lithium batteries also shows that the new energy industry is still in a stage of rapid development. The future of the new energy industry, which is called by the times, is still bright. We (Zesheng New Material Team) in this industry will also continue to grow and develop with the industry.

According to news from Sina Technology, it was said that several people familiar with the matter revealed that BYD’s blade battery has been delivered to Tesla’s super factory in Berlin, Germany. In fact, in June, the editor reported relevant content,  BYD admitted it, but Tesla did not. It was very confusing for a while. But now a number of people are familiar with the matter have disclosed to Sina Technology that the cooperation between BYD and Tesla has become a fact.

As we all know, the most ways of transportation in Southeast Asian countries in India are two-wheeled vehicles and three-wheeled vehicles. At present, India will usher in a major transformation in the automotive field → switch to lithium-ion batteries (NMP solvent is one of the cathode materials of lithium batteries)! India is also entering the EV era. A conservative estimate is that there will be 6 million electric vehicles in India by 2025.

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