According to news from Sina Technology, it was said that several people familiar with the matter revealed that BYD’s blade battery has been delivered to Tesla’s super factory in Berlin, Germany. In fact, in June, the editor reported relevant content,  BYD admitted it, but Tesla did not. It was very confusing for a while. But now a number of people are familiar with the matter have disclosed to Sina Technology that the cooperation between BYD and Tesla has become a fact.

What industry is on the cusp right now? There is no doubt that it is the new energy industry! In the new energy industry, the NMP solvent (N-methylpyrrolidone) produced and supplied by the Zesheng team is just a small material. NMP solvents have the chemical field of NMP solvents, but the most concerned is the competition in the field of lithium batteries. Now that the first half of 2022 has passed, the top 10 lithium battery rankings have been released. Follow the editor to see which brands are on the list!

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