Zesheng’s partner: Gotion High-Tech has been appointed as the official mass production site of Volkswagen!

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As an enterprise which is specializing in the production and supply the NMP solvents and NMP recovery system, ZESHENG (Headquarters: WIT FENGZE) has become a stable supplier of raw materials (N-methyl-2-Pyrrolidone) to Volkswagen. Because ZESHENG (China Specialized NMP Supplier) partner: GOTION HIGH-TECH, is the battery supplier of Volkswagen. It proves the quality of the NMP solvent of ZESHENG (Headquarters: WIT FENGZE) has been well recognized.

Recently, the partner of ZESHENG (Headquarters: WIT FENGZE): China’s third largest battery supplier – GOTION HIGH-TECH said in “Interaction Easy”, “Currently, the cooperation between the company and Volkswagen has been cooperated deeply, and the company has obtained Volkswagen the official mass production is designated, and the related products will be used in the customer’s largest new energy platform, and the relevant departments of the company are making every effort to achieve mass production as soon as possible.” Once the final word is finalized, GOTION HIGH-TECH and Volkswagen will start the first happy cooperation in terms of supply.

China Specialized NMP Supplier

【Break through the predicament】

With the background of overseas capital, GOTION HIGH-TECH is not only the third largest battery supplier in China, but also has strong research and development capabilities, especially in the chemical composition of batteries and battery cells, which are crucial to the electric vehicle market.

Therefore, GOTION HIGH-TECH insists on increasing R&D efforts in the field of iron-lithium under the great environment of ternary lithium battery in the past. Hard work pays off, GOTION HIGH-TECH has ushered in gratifying results.

In 2018, the energy density of GOTION HIGH-TECH lithium iron phosphate material battery reached 190Wh/kg, and the system energy density reached 140Wh/kg.

From 2018 to 2021, GOTION HIGH-TECH ‘s iron-lithium technology continues to break through the ceiling that the industry thinks.

In 2021, lithium iron phosphate with an energy density of 210Wh/kg will be launched, once again it’s proving to the outside world the strength of GOTION HIGH-TECH ‘s “iron-lithium leader”.

I am so glad that even in the face of such a strong and powerful leading company, ZESHENG (China Specialized NMP Supplier) has obtained the cooperation of supplying raw material NMP solvent to GOTION HIGH-TECH with its own advantages in quality, service and experience. Therefore, domestic and foreign lithium battery companies that need NMP solvents and NMP recovery system are not as excited as action, and if hesitate will miss the opportunity. Welcome domestic and foreign lithium battery companies which need NMP solvent come to consult and negotiate, ZESHENG (Headquarters: WIT FENGZE) will serve you wholeheartedly.

Part of the information in this article comes from: GGLB.

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