Zesheng team collectively participated in WBE2022 World Battery Industry Expo on 8.9

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August 9 is the first day of the WBE2022 World Battery Industry Expo and the 7th Asia-Pacific Battery Exhibition. The Zesheng New Materials team from Songshan Lake, Dongguan, drove to the Guangzhou exhibition hall, and carried out friendly exchanges and learning activities with upstream and downstream material companies and battery cell companies in the lithium battery industry. Both the domestic team and the foreign trade team of Zesheng New Materials said that they have benefited a lot, learning through exchanges and growing through learning.

WBE 2022

【WBE 2022 is called “Canton Fair of Battery Industry”】

WBE World Battery Industry Expo and Asia-Pacific Battery Show is a global exhibition and trading platform focusing on power, energy storage, 3C and smart terminal batteries and industrial chains, and is committed to promoting global market trade and industrial chain procurement supply and demand! It has been successfully held for the seventh consecutive year, and has developed into a professional exhibition with the largest number of participating battery companies (cell and pack) brands in the industry, as well as the highest participation of professional audiences on the application side and foreign buyers! And with its large number of foreign buyers and end-user buyers, it has been unanimously rated as “Canton Fair in the Battery Industry” by the industry!

Due to the impact of the epidemic, ZESHENG’s foreign trade team did not meet foreign industry insiders at the exhibition. Therefore, we chose “curve to save the country” and visited the booths of upstream and downstream material companies with an attitude of learning and communication.

ZESHENG’s main product is NMP solvent (N-methylpyrrolidone), which is mainly used in the initial stage of lithium battery preparation process, and is a colorless and transparent solvent that is one of the raw materials of lithium battery. 【For more details, please check the previous articles】

WBE 2022

At that time, there were not many NMP suppliers participating in the exhibition.However, there are some material companies that complement NMP solvents, such as companies that can supply PVDF adhesives, such as Hubei Xiangyuan New Materials that can supply silicone foam, etc. They are very interested in sharing their product experience with us, and I am very willing to Break through industry challenges with us.

There is also a water-based positive electrode binder developed by ZEON in Japan, which is just a different system from the NMP solvent that acts on the oil-based positive electrode binder [one is a product that acts on a water-based system, and the other is a product that acts on an oily system];

But they were also very interested in our product NMP solvent, and both parties had friendly exchanges on their respective products. The domestic team also benefited a lot in the battery cell exhibition hall, and had a good talk with many battery cell manufacturers.

This trip to the Guangzhou Battery Exhibition, through the communication with people in the industry, made us more clear about how to continue to go out and “bring in” in the next step. Although the NMP solvent is only an inconspicuous part of the raw material, it also plays a role in stabilizing the battery performance and cannot be ignored. Perhaps, what we should consider more is how to join forces with other material companies in the industry to provide more suitable industry solutions for cell manufacturers.

Therefore, Zesheng New Materials welcomes upstream and downstream material companies to learn and exchange together and discuss more suitable cooperation plans.

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