Why lithium battery raw material NMP prices soared?

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In the modern society where the earth’s energy is getting less and less, new energy products come into being. As a professional NMP(N-methylpyrrolidone) solvent supplier and manufacturer in China (for NMP(N-Methyl-2-prrolidone) and NMP recovery system wholesale business), ZESHENG’s corporate philosophy is to support environmental protection and promote resource recycling.

The NMP(N-Methyl-2-prrolidone) mainly supplied by ZESHENG is one of the raw materials of new energy lithium battery, which has made great contributions to the new energy lithium battery industry.

Because it is irreplaceable, the price has “singed forward” all the way. Various battery manufacturers have also begun the process of raising prices.

Compared with the beginning of last year, the price of batteries has generally increased by about 30%, and the quotation cycle of manufacturers is shortened, and they are facing price increases at any time. And due to the huge gap in demand on the demand side, the general supply cycle is prolonged.

Batteries are the equipment with the highest proportion of investment in energy storage power stations, and the rise in battery prices will have a great impact on the development of the industry. For example, the price of NMP((N-Methyl-2-prrolidone)) is also continuing to rise.

Faced with this problem, how should the new energy lithium battery industry deal with it?

The researchers’ response is to develop lithium batteries with better performance levels, and to develop lithium batteries with higher cycle times and efficiency. For example, the demonstration project built by CATL in Jinjiang – the cycle life of battery cells can reach 12,000 times. The use of new technologies will effectively reduce the cost of the entire life cycle of energy storage.

The diversification of lithium battery technology will diversify the risk of lithium battery technology and promote the progress of energy storage technology. The pursuit of energy storage with lower cost per kilowatt-hour and mileage and a more robust revenue model will be the industry trend in the future.

With the increase in the cycle life of lithium batteries and the improvement of waste liquid recovery systems such as raw material NMP(N-methylpyrrolidone), perhaps the prices of lithium batteries and raw material NMP are expected to fall.

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