Volkswagen, LG Energy may supply batteries for Mahindra in India! (Manufacturing raw materials contain NMP solvent)

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In order to alleviate the “battery shortage”, many companies have continued to expand scale of the production of lithium-ion batteries and other power batteries and energy storage batteries (the battery’s manufacturing raw materials contain NMP solvent); for example, new battery factories. But India’s Mahindra has a different idea. They don’t plan to make batteries by themselves , but look forward to working with “global leaders” in the battery field. Please continue to read for details:

As electrification spreads globally, Southeast Asian countries are also planning to reduce carbon emissions. In early July, the CEO of Mahindra & Mahindr India announced that they were preparing to raise funds to acquire a battery company to meet their company’s future electrification needs. Not only that, but they also want to collaborate with Volkswagen on components such as batteries and electric motors.

If the two sides reach a cooperation agreement, then Volkswagen can fully satisfy India’s Mahindra & Mahindr’s “short to medium” battery needs.

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【Volkswagen’s battery manufacturing company cooperated with GOTION Hi-Tech, and Smart Fortress & Zesheng New Materials are the vendor for Gotion Hi-Tech, supplying them with electronic-grade NMP solvent (N-methylpyrrolidone); 】

But Mahindra chief executive Anish Shah said they would also continue to consider to work with “global leaders” in batteries to secure future battery supplies.

Recently, the editor learned another news that South Korea’s LG Energy may provide batteries to India’s Mahindra & Mahindr. The battery is primarily intended to power their company’s first electric sport utility vehicle (SUV).

【NMP is used as a solvent in the manufacture of power batteries to dissolve/swell PVDF, and at the same time, NMP solvent (N-methylpyrrolidone) is used to dilute the slurry. 】

However,it seems to be no positive response from the South Korean side, and the conditions may not have been negotiated. We will continue to follow up in the future, so stay tuned.

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