Twenty-four solar terms of the beginning of summer

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Spring was gone, and summer begins. The seventh solar term in China’s twenty-four solar terms, Lixia, officially arrives on May 5, 2022. The beginning of summer marks the beginning of the growth season for all things in the world. The business atmosphere of WIT FENGZE&ZESHENG is also gradually rising, and business activities are in full swing, hoping to bring more assured services to friends who need NMP solvent & NMP recovery systems and solutions.

The ancients said: spring born, summer growth, autumn harvest, winter collection, when the beginning of summer, all things flourish. The ancients wrote in “Book of Yi Zhou·Interpretation of Times Information”: “On the day of the beginning of summer, the grasshopper sings. In another five days, earthworms come out. In another five days, the “king melon” is born.” Therefore, following the Grain Rain solar term, the beginning of summer It is also a critical period of the year for crop growth. People who understand Chinese culture must know that no matter what the solar term is or what season it is, the most important thing for Chinese people is to eat! eat! eat! So in order to welcome the beginning of the summer solar term, what do the Chinese have to eat and play?

In the beginning of summer in ancient times, from the emperors and generals to the common people, they all need to “work hard” to welcome the arrival of summer, and wear “formal clothes” and hold summer activities to pray for good weather and peace and prosperity for the country. In modern society, people’s busy life rhythm has caused most people not know what the day and night it is, and can only distinguish between weekdays and weekends. But the marketers of brands of all sizes are exceptions. We not only know when the solar term and season is, but also know what to eat during this season!

  • In the south of Yangtze River of China, on the day of the beginning of summer, there is still the habit of eating tender and greedy beans, because beans are like human’s eyes, and the ancients hoped that their eyes could be as clear and round as peas;
  • They also eat bamboo shoots and eat them “in pairs” , Because bamboo shoots are shaped like human legs, the ancients believed that eating pairs of bamboo shoots could make their legs stronger and stronger, just like spring bamboo shoots;
  • Eating eggs, the ancients believed that eggs were similar in shape to the heart, and on the day of Lixia Eating eggs can keep the heart meridian intact, and the little ones will be healthier and stronger.
  • Suzhou area has the custom of “taste new”, such as “three new”, that is to eat wheat, green plums and cherries during the beginning of summer; later, the food became more and more abundant, and there was the custom of “nine meat and thirteen vegetarians”.
  • In the southern part of Fujian, of course, seafood is inseparable, so eating shrimp noodles in Lixia is a local special food; because “shrimp” and “xia” have the same pronunciation (but different keys), and the shrimp turns red when cooked, look at It is very festive, and people take this to express their good wishes for the summer.
  • In Nantong, people eat chicken and duck eggs. The food in each place is influenced by the local food culture, which makes it different.
  • But a drink that Chinese drinks in summer is the sour plum soup, which is cool and sweet to relieve the heat, appetizers and quench thirst. It is a very suitable to drink in summer.

Not only to eat but also to play! There are also interesting customs such as welcoming summer, tasting new things, fighting eggs, and weighing people.

  • Weighing people: On the day of the Lixia solar term, people will hang a large wooden pole at the entrance of the village, and the villagers will take turns to sit on it. At that time, people used the phrases “to be able to eat is a blessing” and “to have enough weight” to represent a good family and good luck. Therefore, every time a person is weighed, the weigher will say different auspicious words.
  • Egg fighting: At noon, adults will put a mesh bag on the chest of the child and put boiled eggs on it; the children will start a “egg fight” competition to see whose eggs are harder, and the winning egg will be beaten. called “The King”.

Chinese people have different food and customs in different seasons, and they all represent all kinds of good wishes. Taking advantage of the solar term of the beginning of summer, I also hope that our NMP business of WIT FENGZE & ZESHENG will flourish, face the sun, grow upward, follow hope and shine.

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