The lithium battery using NMP as the positive electrode material is expected to charge 60% in 6 minutes!

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What is everyone’s biggest pursuit now for lithium batteries using NMP solvent in the cathode material? ! Of course, it takes 5 minutes to charge and travel for two hours! The battery life of a car’s lithium battery is really a worrying thing. I’m afraid of it will run out of power while driving, so I have to call a tow truck! Today, the editor saw some exciting news! Researchers have proposed a new solution for the charging speed of lithium batteries. In the future, the lithium battery of automobiles may be charged to 60% in 6 minutes! The breakthrough this time is in the anode material. “The research team used pure lithium metal to replace the traditional mixture of graphite and copper, which can achieve ten times the capacity of current energy storage devices.”

After testing, the researchers found that this solution is indeed feasible: the battery can be charged to 60% in 5.6 minutes; it only takes 11.4 minutes to charge to 80%. If this plan is mature and implemented and promoted, people who drive new energy vehicles in the future will be able to take the time to have lunch or afternoon tea, and then they will be able to fully charge and continue their journey.

After the battery life problem of lithium batteries is solved, the sales volume of new energy vehicles is expected to increase significantly, and several famous brands have announced to stop the production line of fuel vehicles. With the substantial expansion of lithium battery production, the industry’s demand for NMP will continue to increase significantly. If NMP is shortage , the future price will be more difficult to predict. Therefore, the editor recommends to be optimistic about the current situation, seize the time to start NMP, lock in cooperation in advance, and enjoy discounts in advance! One of the domestic high-quality lithium battery NMP enterprises, WIT FENGZE&ZESHENG is looking forward to your cooperation and consultation.

WIT FENGZE&ZESHENG is not only a high-quality NMP solvent supplier in China’s new energy industry, but also tailor-made NMP waste liquid recovery solutions for lithium battery manufacturers. Even though NMP solvent is a small and small raw material in lithium battery manufacturing, the amount required is not as much as other materials. However, lithium battery companies with rich production experience are very clear that after NMP is used, it is mostly emitted in the form of steam in the form of steam due to the high temperature during processing; this is not friendly to the environment, or no friendly to the company either. The NMP waste liquid recycling solution customized by WIT FENGZE & ZESHENG for lithium battery manufacturer has solved these problems well: not only effectively protects the environment, but also effectively saves raw materials and improves comprehensive income.

If you want to obtain an NMP waste liquid recovery solution that is more suitable for your company, and create an NMP waste liquid recovery system that is more suitable for your own plant, please call the WIT FENGZE&ZESHENG team for a detailed discussion. WIT FENGZE&ZESHENG, a high-quality enterprise in the new energy industry that not only supplies NMP solvents!

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