The list of lithium battery brands in the first half of 2022 is released!

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What industry is on the cusp right now? There is no doubt that it is the new energy industry! In the new energy industry, the NMP solvent (N-methylpyrrolidone) produced and supplied by the Zesheng team is just a small material. NMP solvents have the chemical field of NMP solvents, but the most concerned is the competition in the field of lithium batteries. Now that the first half of 2022 has passed, the top 10 lithium battery rankings have been released. Follow the editor to see which brands are on the list!

NO.1 CATL (founded in 2011)

CATL focuses on the R&D, production and sales of new energy vehicle power battery systems and energy storage systems. Its core technologies include materials, cells, battery systems, and secondary battery recycling in the field of power and energy storage batteries. Utilize the R&D and manufacturing capabilities of the whole industry chain.

Therefore, CATL is also the leader among our Chinese NMP solvent manufacturers. Not only that, they have established cooperative relationships with many mainstream car companies and become the first lithium-ion power battery manufacturer in China to enter the supply chain of top international car companies. The upstream and downstream are all in hand, and the big brother of the list deserves his name.

[Supporting car companies]

SAIC, Geely Commercial Vehicles, Beiben Heavy Duty Truck, Xugong Automobile, Dongfeng Liuzhou Automobile, Hanma Technology, Foton Motor, Sany Automobile, Guangxi Automobile, Changan Kaicheng, Zhongqi Hongyuan, etc.

NO.2 BYD (founded in 1995)

BYD is not only the leader of new energy vehicles in China, but also the leader of batteries in the global secondary battery industry. It has industry-leading automotive battery technology, and the current industrial chains of BYD and CATL are relatively complete. In particular, the blade battery (super lithium iron phosphate battery) launched in 2020 is not only supplied to its own cars, but also to Mercedes-Benz, Toyota and other car companies; even Tesla will use BYD’s blade batteries in the future.

[Supporting car companies]

BYD Automobile, Dongfeng Motor, Beiqi Foton, Gansu Construction Heavy Industry, Xugong Automobile, CRRC, Tianyang Automobile.

NO.3 LG Chem (founded in 1947)

South Korea’s LG Chem has the advantage of batteries. In 2010, LG Chem developed the first batch of PHEV soft-pack batteries. In 2011, LG Chem began to produce BEV soft-pack batteries. It is a global leader in soft-pack batteries. However, although LG Chem is an elder-level and globally influential automotive battery supplier, it can only rank third. The huge Chinese market cannot be ignored; because if the Chinese market is not included, LG can be ranked NO.1 in the world.

[Supporting car companies]

Haoqing Automobile, SAIC-GM, Geely Automobile, Tesla (South Korea).

NO.4 China Innovation Airlines-CALB (founded in 2007)

The products of Zhongxinhang cover the two battery systems of ternary battery and lithium iron phosphate, and they also have their own unique features.

[Supporting car companies]

Rich New Energy, Shanxi New Energy Automobile Industry Co., Ltd., Geely Sichuan Commercial Vehicle, Karry New Energy, New Longma Automobile, Xiamen Golden Travel, etc.

NO.5 Gotion HIGH-TECH (founded in 2006)

Gotion HIGH-TECH is one of the earliest domestic enterprises engaged in independent research and development, production and sales of new energy vehicle power lithium-ion batteries, and has core technical intellectual property rights. The main products include lithium iron phosphate and ternary materials, batteries, power battery packs, battery management systems, and energy storage battery packs.

[Supporting car companies]

Karry New Energy, Rich New Energy, Geely Commercial Vehicles, Jianghuai Automobile, SAIC Maxus, Shaanxi Automobile, Henan Deli Energy Automobile, etc.

NMP solvent

NO.6 EVE (founded in 2001)

EVE’s products cover smart grid, smart transportation, new energy vehicles and other fields, and currently has 59 national patents.

[Supporting car companies]

Sany Automobile, Geely Commercial Vehicles, Rich New Energy, Dongfeng Motor, Shaanxi Automobile, Chengdu Dayun Automobile, etc.

NO.7 Japan’s Panasonic (founded in 1918)

Japan’s Panasonic only switched from the field of consumer batteries to the field of power batteries in 2010, and was once the “global sales champion”.

[Supporting car companies]

Tesla (Europe and America).

NO.8 Honeycomb Energy-SVOLT (founded in 2018)

The predecessor of Honeycomb Energy was the Great Wall Motor Power Battery Division, and now it is committed to the research and development, manufacturing and innovation of next-generation battery materials, cells, modules, battery systems, BMS energy storage systems and solar technology. On May 18, 2020, Honeycomb Energy launched a cobalt-free battery.

[Supporting car companies]

Great Wall Motors.

NO.9 Farasis (founded in 2009)

Farasis is a cooperation project between Ganzhou, Jiangxi, China and Farasis Energy, an American new energy material development company. It is the world’s leading manufacturer of pouch power and energy storage batteries, and one of the first companies in China to achieve mass production of ternary pouch power batteries.

[Supporting car companies]

ZERO, Chunfeng Power, Tailing Motors, Qianjiang, BAIC New Energy, Mercedes-Benz EQA and EQB.

NO.10 TAFEI (founded in 2014)

Tafel has complete resource development capabilities for the design and production of cells, modules, BMS and PACK, and is a high-tech enterprise with great potential.

[Supporting car companies]

Dongfeng Motor, Shanxi Yuanye Automobile, Anhui Valin Automobile, etc.

As the upstream supporting solvent of lithium battery, NMP is a solvent specially used for positive electrode material and oil-based binder PVDF. In other words, any lithium-ion battery manufacturer that can research and produce batteries by itself, nine times out of ten, need to use NMP solvent. Therefore, the above brand companies will be Zesheng’s friendly partners. Zesheng not only has an NMP production plant, but also a purification plant, and can also customize NMP waste gas recovery solutions for partners for free! Looking forward to cooperating with you! More solutions, welcome to consult~

The data of the top ten brands of lithium batteries are collected and organized by the CN10 ranking technology research department and the CNPP brand data research department, and are based on big data statistics and artificial analysis and research according to changes in market and parameter conditions. Real and objective results of cloud computing and data statistics.

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