The Grain Rain of the twenty-four solar terms marks the end of spring!

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With the development of science and technology, the human society is changing with each passing day. For example, today, April 20, coincides with the Grain Rain solar term, but many people may not know what this solar term does. Everyone only found that the temperature started to drop recently and it rained continuously, but they didn’t know it was because of the Grain Rain solar term. Today, the editor of ZESHENG wants to take this solar term and show you what we can do in traditional festivals and solar terms.

Grain Rain is the sixth solar term in China’s twenty-four solar terms. As the saying goes: “Qingming stops snow, Grain rain stops frost”. When this solar term comes, the rainfall is sufficient and timely, and cereal crops can thrive, which is the golden time for agriculture; when this solar term arrives, the cold weather finally ends, and the temperatures start to rise.; when this solar term comes, it is a good time to eat Chinese toon and drink spring tea. When this solar term comes, friends who need NMP solvent and NMP waste liquid recovery solutions are more welcome to ZESHENG.Let’s drink tea and chat together and imagine the future.

Chinese tea

* A good time to eat toon

Chinese culture is extensive and profound, and Chinese cuisine is also very attractive. Do you know what are the seasonal delicacies of the “Guyu” solar term? That’s right, it’s Chinese toon. Every year around “Qingming”, the toon tree will sprout juicy buds that are as soft as silk, which not only tastes good, but is also good for health. It is very nutritious and boosts the immune system. Chinese toon also has a special taste and is often cooked with bland food, such as mixed with eggs and tofu, or stir-fried.

Today, the editor recommends a refreshing dish for everyone: Chinese toon mixed with tofu, which is a traditional cold dish for northern Chinese.

Chinese toon mixed with tofu

Ingredients preparation: fresh tofu and freshly picked Chinese toon.

Food preparation:

1. Cut the tofu into small pieces and blanch for about two seconds to help remove the taste of raw soybeans; then pour out the remaining water in the tofu.

2. Quickly blanch Chinese toon in boiling water for ten seconds, remove and drain the remaining water.

3. Chop the toon and add salt, sesame oil and shallot oil in a large bowl.

4. Add the tofu cubes to the toon and use a spoon to mash the tofu into a paste; use a spoon to form the paste into ovals the size of a small fist.

5. Then you can taste the fresh taste of spring.

Grain rain

*Drinking tea

There is an old custom in southern China that people drink tea on the day of Grain Rain. Spring tea during Grain Rain is rich in vitamins and amino acids, which can help to remove heat from the body and is good for the eyes. It is also said that drinking tea on this day would prevent bad luck.

Have you mastered the knowledge points about the Grain Rain solar term? Might as well make a cold dish of Chinese toon mixed with tofu tonight, and make a pot of tea after dinner for digestion. Of course, the CEO of ZESHENG always likes to take a pot of tea and talk about the future development trend of the lithium battery industry with partners. Welcome friends who need NMP solvent and NMP waste liquid recovery solutions to taste the tea.

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