The 53rd “Earth Day” theme: “Together to Invest in Protecting the Earth”!

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In response to the call for protecting the earth, the new energy industry was born; in response to the call for protecting the environment, lithium battery companies were born; in response to the call for resource recycling, WIT FENGZE & ZESHENG –Professional Manufacturer Of NMP solvent Suppliers also came into being. The solution designed by WIT FENGZE & ZESHENG for lithium battery manufacturers to recycle NMP waste liquid has made great contributions to environmental protection and resource recycling. It can be said that “Earth Day” is also an important day for our new energy people.

Today is April 22, 2022, which is the 53rd Earth Day in the world, and this year’s theme is “Working together to invest in protecting the earth”. The editor went to see the content edited by XINHUANET for Earth Day and agreed with it. XINHUANET’s conclusion is:

  • It has been about 4.6 billion years since the earth began to form. If the 4.6 billion-years’ history of the earth is compressed into our ordinary day, one second is equivalent to 53,240 years of the earth. So in the 24 hours of this day, the first civilization of mankind was born in the last 0.1 seconds.
  • We human beings, as the youngest and least senior citizens of the earth, should have a deep reverence for nature, respect nature, conform to nature, protect nature, and build an earth home where man and nature coexist in harmony.

WIT FENGZE&ZESHENG has been developing hard for so many years, only focusing on the new energy lithium battery industry, but also because of deep respect for nature, and want to contribute to our modest power to this great world. According to the editor’s understanding, before the birth of NMP waste liquid recovery equipment, there was no standardized and standardized NMP waste liquid recovery scheme and treatment scheme in the industry. In fact, NMP is not a completely harmless gas. Overseas studies have long shown that NMP should not be in close contact for a long time, and it is especially harmful to women.

In addition to producing and supplying NMP solvents, WIT FENGZE&ZESHENG also invited a professional engineering team to customize NMP waste liquid recovery equipment for lithium battery manufacturers and formulate more suitable industry solutions. It provides a solution for the discharge of raw material NMP waste liquid in the new energy lithium battery industry, and also solves a big trouble for all enterprises that use NMP. After all, environmental protection has always been the top priority of the country.

All of us human beings, there is only one earth, there is only such a livable place, please protect her like your family. On Earth Day, WIT FENGZE&ZESHENG is looking forward to your participation to customize a NMP waste liquid recycling solution to make the earth “breathe” more smoothly!

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