Special broadcast: Tesla battery energy density will be also increased & Volkswagen and Redwood Materials will cooperate!

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As an NMP solvent supplier in the new energy industry, Zesheng is foucusing on news about batteries, energy storage, electric vehicles, etc. has become the norm. The editor recently learned two things, and now I share with you: Tesla battery energy density will also be increased & Volkswagen and Redwood Materials will cooperate!

【Reuters news: Tesla’s battery energy density is expected to be increased by 20% by 2030! 】

Upstream supplier of Tesla batteries: NMP solvent is one of the raw materials in battery production (power batteries, lithium batteries and other energy storage batteries); the editor learned that Panasonic Energy, another major supplier of Tesla, is currently Researching into new battery technologies, with plans to increase battery energy density by one-fifth, or 20%, by 2030.

If this technology can be realized, the driving range of Tesla’s Model Y will also be increased. For example, it can travel more than 100 kilometers (62 miles) with the same size battery pack. Even if the technology was to come to fruition, manufacturers could build on it to make electric cars that are more spacious and lighter, while maintaining the same continuous driving range.

Tesla battery

[Zesheng-zschemistry.com] is a manufacturer and supplier of NMP solvent (N-methylpyrrolidone), focusing on supplying NMP solvent for the lithium battery industry for 10+ years; now it can also customize a set of NMP waste gas recovery solutions for lithium battery manufacturers Program. We hope to develop global business and looks forward to your support and cooperation.

【Volkswagen and Redwood Materials will collaborate to recycle batteries! 】

Recycling is a topic for future development. Volkswagen plans to be a partner with Redwood Materials to recycle batteries from Volkswagen and Audi electric vehicles in the United States.

Redwood Materials’ mission is to identify end-of-life batteries and materials, and then transport them safely to the factory (located in Nevada, USA). More than 6GWh of lithium-ion batteries have been recycled so far, which is equivalent to about 60,000 electric vehicle batteries. Technicians will extract raw materials such as cobalt, copper, nickel and lithium from waste batteries, and then refine these raw materials and manufacture them into key battery components, anode copper foil and cathode, (NMP solvent will be used again in the process. dissolve PVDF, etc.).

Volkswagen battery-lithium battery

Redwood Materials also announced a partnership with Toyota to harvest batteries from Toyota’s hybrid and electric vehicles. Battery material recovered from Toyota will be sent back to the soon-to-be-built North Toyota Carolina battery plant.

Not only that, but Proterra, Ford, Volvo and Panasonic have also signed up with Redwood Materials. Perhaps Redwood Materials will become the leader in the North American battery recycling market.

We are looking forward to Zesheng’s global business cooperation and cooperation with more powerful battery manufacturers to provide them with our electronic-grade NMP solvents and NMP recovery system.

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