Revealed:Main applications of NMP solvents in lithium batteries.

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Did you find no more information about the NMP?On the lithium battery industry platform,it is rare to find more descriptions of NMP solvents,and the knowledge about NMP in lithium batteries has not been widely popularized. So that peoples are outside the industry, such as friends around us, are always wondering what value NMP solvents can contribute to lithium batteries? Like a small screw on a sophisticated instrument, NMP (N-Methyl Pyrrolidone) solvents are small but indispensable for lithium batteries. ZESHENG,the top ten professional NMP solvent manufacturers and suppliers in China, such as NMP solvent seems inconsive, thus it has an indispensable partner in lithium battery enterprises.Let’s follow the editor to learn more about NMP solvents.

In fact, NMP solvents mainly act as a solvent of the cathode material binder-PVDF (Poly-vinylidene fluoride).

Role of NMP solvents in batteries
  • N-methyl-2-pyrrrolidone (NMP) is an organic compound composed of 5-membered lactamine. It is a colourless liquid, and samples with low purity may be yellow.
  • The NMP solvent is less corrosive, has high solubility and low volatility. Because of it’s highly stable and recycling, the ZESHENG team specially developed a set of waste liquid recovery system to collect the NMP waste liquid and help them to refine to save the cost  for the battery factories.
  • It is the most common organic solvents which can be dissolved in water . It also belongs to the category of dipole non-proton solvents, such as dimethylformamide and dimethyl sulphoxide. It is used as a solvent in the lithium battery, petrochemical and plastics industries,  via its non-volatile and dissolved ability to various materials.
  • As a solvent in electrodes of lithium battery manufacturing. Although big efforts have been made to instead of it by other solvents which have less impact on the environment (such as water), no more suitable one has been found so far.Therefore, NMP is still an irreplaceable solvent for lithium battery manufacturing.

Role of NMP solvents in batteries:

  • In the batching stage: NMP, as a solvent of binder-PVDF, can prolong the viscosity of binder and make binder more stable;
  • In the coating stage: the use of NMP solvents can make the metal substrate have very good humidity and fluidity;
  • In the coating baking stage: NMP solvent bears the pore-forming effect, which can make the pore diameter even.

Positive binder-PVDF is also one of the important components of lithium battery poles. PVDF is a polymer compound that can adhere active substances and conductors in electrodes to electrode collectors. It is an additional material with high technical content in lithium-ion battery materials. The performance of PVDF directly affects the capacity, life and safety of the battery. Therefore, NMP solvents that can improve the performance of PVDF have also become extremely important.

The main application of PVDF in lithium battery

Do you understand the role of NMP solvents in lithium batteries? FOR MORE INDUSTRY KNOWLEDGE, WELCOME TO CONTINUE TO PAY ATTENTION TO ZESHENG. ZESHENG’s annual capacity is more than 100,000 tons which is a high-quality and stable NMP manufacturer and supplier, and can also can depend on customer’s equipment to design and offer the waste liquid recovery system.You deserve to cooperate with such an excellent company.ZESHENG’S FUTURE DEVELOPMENT JOURNEY, LOOKING FORWARD TO YOUR PEERS.

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