NMP supplier-ZESHENG analyzes to the public: How to prevent spontaneous combustion of new energy vehicles?

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Since EVs were launched, there have been frequent news that EVs have spontaneous combustion on the road and indoors. However, the state supports the development of new energy vehicles, and many countries are about to ban the use of fuel vehicles. In other words, you have to learn to use EV.

So, when we own an EV, how can we prevent it from igniting and detonating?

NMP supplier-ZESHENG Reminder 1: Do a good job in daily EV inspection to prevent electrical circuit failure or poor contact.

NMP supplier-ZESHENG reminds 2: It is best to use fire-resistant interior decoration materials. Once a fire starts, the fire is not easy to spread.

NMP supplier-ZESHENG Reminder 3: Do not modify EV without permission.

Refitting an EV should be carried out by professionals; when modifying the circuit or adding equipment, the power cord must be wrapped to prevent leakage.

NMP supplier-ZESHENG Reminder 4: EVs stay away from flammables.

It is recommended to park the vehicle in a shady place outside.

NMP supplier-ZESHENG reminds 5: No smoking in the car, and throwing unextinguished cigarette butts.

NMP supplier-ZESHENG reminds 6: It is forbidden to put flammable substances in the car, such as air fresheners, perfume bottles, gas lighters, etc.

NMP supplier-ZESHENG Reminder 7: Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun for EVs; if you drive for a long time, please find a shady place to let the EV rest.

NMP supplier-ZESHENG Reminder 8: Equip the car with a fire extinguisher, and regularly check whether the fire extinguisher is expired and replace it in time.

The method is not absolutely effective, please protect yourself when drive EV; choose a brand with good reputation when purchasing EV. NMP supplier-ZESHENG can only suggest so.

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