(NMP solvent cooperation intention) BYD’s CTB technology will be implemented first!

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If you are a manufacturer or brand manufacturer of power batteries and energy storage batteries, you cannot do anything without NMP (N-methylpyrrolidone) solvent. BYD, which has announced that it will cut off the production line of fuel vehicles,  also has a large demand for NMP solvents. As a member of the supply chain, WIT FENGZE & Zesheng New Materials, a high-quality NMP supplier in China’s new energy industry, recently learned the latest information from BYD: BYD’s CTB battery body integration technology has been successfully launched, and its supporting model BYD Seal Currently is available for reservation.

The body integration technology of the car with the CTB battery has been promoted by Tesla earlier, and they are also preparing to implement this technology. Musk said: Tesla’s CTB technology, the seat of the vehicle is directly installed above the battery cover, combined with the integrated die-casting technology, the overall body weight can be reduced by 10%, and the cost of the battery per kWh can be reduced by 7%. After all, the model was equipped with this technology has not yet been launched, but BYD won the first place! Looking forward to BYD’s seal models have large orders, so the demand for purchasing NMP (N-methylpyrrolidone) solvents will be even greater! One day, we will become partners!

We have a general understanding of body integration technology with Tesla’s CTB battery, so what is the difference between BYD’s CTB technology and traditional CTP technology? It is said that BYD’s CTB technology has changed from a battery “sandwich” mechanism to a “sandwich” structure of the whole vehicle. Lian Yubo, president of BYD Automotive Engineering Research Institute, said, “BYD’s CTB battery system increases the volume utilization rate to 66%, and participates in vehicle safety as a body structure, improving the torsional stiffness of the vehicle for double.”

CTB technology

The “Seal” equipped with a new generation of blade fast-charging batteries will be able to charged for 15 minutes and travel a mileage of 300KM. New technologies have emerged, how can we stand still! The NMP solvent purification process of WIT FENGZE & Zesheng New Materials has been continuously updated and iterated under the stimulation of the industry. There are certain breakthroughs in the purity and concentration of NMP (N-methylpyrrolidone); the NMP waste gas recovery system is also continuously supported by new technologies. Upgrade and look forward to bringing more feasible industry solutions to the new energy industry.

Let’s go back to body integration technology of the car with BYD’s CTB battery and it’s the blade battery. 

The safe performance of batteries has always been focused on the new energy industry, but BYD’s blade batteries have basically passed the assessment. It is understood that as early as 2020, the acupuncture experiment of BYD’s blade battery set off a huge wave in the industry. Judging from the video of the acupuncture experiment shown by BYD, the surface temperature of its “blade battery” is only 60°C after being penetrated by the steel needle. The entire battery pack is extremely stable, and there is no smoke; Zero risk, no need to worry about safety.

BYD Seal

A video recently released by BYD shows that the safe performance of their blade batteries has passed the “violence test”: using a 50-ton heavy truck (which is known to be heavier than the Airbus A320) to crush the blade battery module , the appearance of the battery without any deformation! Because the structure of the blade battery pack is inspired by the honeycomb aluminum structure, the closely arranged cells have made a major breakthrough in the structural strength of the battery pack, so it can withstand the rolling of a 50-ton heavy truck.

And what does body integration technology of the car with CTB battery represent? It means that this will be an “electric car that will not be crashed and broken”! CTB technology effectively achieves a high degree of integration between the body and the battery system. As BYD’s President Lian said, the torsional stiffness of the vehicle is instantly doubled, which can easily exceed 40,000N m/°. To say a very exaggerated but true word, the upper limit of fuel vehicles has become the lower limit of electric vehicles; pure electric models which are equipped with CTB technology can be comparable to million-dollar luxury cars.

Although WIT FENGZE & Zesheng New Materials is only a small link in the supply chain of this new energy industry, it is also very proud. Every technological change brought about by the new energy industry has a significant impact on the human world. In the future, WIT FENGZE & Zesheng New Materials will continue to optimize our NMP production process, purification process and waste gas recovery process according to battery manufacturers who need NMP solvents, and will continue to upgrade and optimize together with the entire industry, and continue to strive!

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