NMP market offer stable! BYD has been exposed that the sodium battery has been installed on board. CATL’s power exchange service station has conquered another city!

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Taking stock of news from the new energy industry.

According to reports on industry websites, NMP(N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone) market offers are gradually stabilizing! BYD has been exposed that a sodium battery that has been installed on the car. CATL exchange station has conquered another city! SUNWODA’s sodium-ion battery has been tested!

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[NMP market price gradually stabilized]

Recently, the N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone (battery/electronic grade) market with tax and the cash offer is stable, currently, at 20,500~21,500 yuan/ton, the average price of 21,000 yuan/ton, tends to be stable now.

NMP market price

[SVOLT IPO valued at 60 billion]

On November 18, SVOLT submitted a prospectus on the SSE to sprint for the Shanghai Science and Technology Board, with CITIC Securities as its exclusive sponsor.

In fact, in February 2018, Great Wall Motor injected 1.3 billion yuan to set up the battery company SVOLT, and Great Wall Motor owns 100% of SVOLT’s equity.

In October of the same year, Great Wall Motor transferred 100% of SVOLT’s equity to Baoding Ruimao, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Great Wall Holdings, thus becoming a sister company with SVOLT.

In December, Great Wall Motor also announced the transfer of 123 power battery-related patents and non-patent technology assets to the SVOLT Baoding Branch. Meanwhile, Tang Haifeng, former Vice President of Great Wall Motor, and Yang Hongxin, former President of Great Wall Institute of Materials Engineering and Deputy Director of Technology Center, served as Chairman and General Manager of SVOLT respectively.

In the above financing process, the cost of capital increase of investors mostly rose gradually over time, with the exception of Tianjin Nengjiu.

In June 2021, Tianjin Nengjiu contributed RMB 1,226,100 with a capital increase price of RMB 2.49/registered capital.

While three months ago, the capital increase price of 19 institutions such as Advanced Manufacturing Fund and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Fund had reached RMB7.10/registered capital.

Two months later in August, the capital increase price of investors such as Beyoncé Venture Capital and Shenzhen Venture Capital Fund was RMB12.91/registered capital, which is more than 5 times of Tianjin Nengjiu. In other words, the cost of capital increase of Tianjin Nengjiu is less than two discounts of Beyoncé Venture Capital and other institutions.

According to the prospectus, Tianjin Nengqing, Tianjin Nengzhi, Tianjin Nengjiu, and Tianjin Nengan hold a total of 1.67% equity in SVOL. The four companies are employee shareholding platforms, and the managing partners are all Tianjin Nengchuang.

Yang Hongxin, the chairman and general manager of SVOLT, is also the manager and executive director of Tianjin Nengchuang and holds a 50% equity interest in Tianjin Nengchuang. Ma Liyong, the director, chief financial officer, and deputy general manager of SVOLT, holds the other 50% equity interest in Tianjin Nengchuang.

After the Pre-IPO round of financing in January 2022, Hive Energy’s post-IPO valuation has reached 46 billion RMB.

Based on this planned issue of 25% shares and 15 billion yuan of capital raised, the corresponding valuation of Hive Energy is about 60 billion yuan.

[CATL power exchange takes another city: Guiyang!]

On December 12, CATL officially launched the EVOGO power exchange service in Guiyang, Guizhou Province, China! There are already 4 EVOGO power exchange stations in operation.

This year, CATL has taken Xiamen, Quanzhou, Hefei, and other cities one after another, investing in EVOGO exchange stations and already in operation.

One of CATL’s EVOGO standard power exchange stations can store 48 power exchange blocks and can complete a single block exchange in about one minute. In addition to power exchange, the EVOGO combined power exchange solution also supports charging, which together with the existing home charging and fast charging constitutes a full-scene replenishment method, bringing consumers the freedom of replenishment. At the same time, fast-changing stations are also available in versions adapted to different regional climatic and environmental conditions.

CATL’s power exchange service is charged on a rental basis, with a minimum monthly rental of 399 RMB/block, and the price of the rental may fluctuate up or down depending on the user’s different usage conditions. In addition, the service fee is also payable by the power exchange station, and the price is similar to that of fast charging stations, which will be dynamically adjusted according to the time period and location.

According to CATL, EVOGO will be open to all car companies, and under the model of vehicle-electricity separation, the battery will be independent as a shared asset, bringing a new experience to the market.

Among them, the “Chocolate Battery Exchange Block” is a mass-produced battery specially developed for the realization of shared battery exchange, with three major features small but high energy, free combination, and minimalist design. This battery exchange block adopts CATL’s latest CTP technology, with an energy density of over 160Wh/kg by weight and 325Wh/L by volume, and a single battery can provide a range of about 200km.

[BYD is exposed to sodium battery model is on the way?]

Not really, has debunked the rumor!

Net rumor.

BYD is currently road-testing the pure electric micro sedan Seagull which will be the first to be equipped with sodium batteries, the new car is expected to be launched in 2 quarters of 2023, and launched both sodium and lithium battery versions.

The sodium battery version is expected to be priced at 60,000 yuan, with a range of 300 kilometers. The lithium battery version is expected to be priced at 80,000 yuan, with a range of 400 kilometers.

Regarding the positioning of the sodium battery, the content of the meeting revealed that as long as the use lithium batteries are priced at 200,000 yuan or more will do the sodium battery will be used in the low-range version of the model.

But for the sodium ion battery rumors, BYD officials also made a response: “Recent rumors about solid-state batteries, sodium-ion batteries, after confirming with the company, are untrue information.”

[SUNWODA has been testing sodium batteries and has mass-produced cells with an 800km range]

On December 12, SUNWODA said in the investor interactive platform that the company’s sodium-ion battery samples are already being tested and verified, the project is progressing smoothly, and the specific listing plan will be determined according to the needs of customers.

In terms of electric ship layout, the company currently has the technology of power batteries for unmanned boats, river cruise ships, catamaran cruise ships, yachts, ferry boats, and other ships, of which, unmanned boats and river cruise ship power batteries have achieved batch supply.

SUNWODA said that in terms of production capacity, the company’s power battery production capacity as of the first half of this year is about 25GWh. The company’s capacity planning and expansion speed are at the average level of the industry, and the company will build capacity in accordance with the customer’s order demand and market situation.

In terms of technology, the company’s current power battery technology path is mainly square ternary batteries and square lithium iron phosphate batteries, in addition, the company also has a layout in different technology paths such as sodium ion batteries and solid-state batteries, among which, the company has a number of patents in sodium ion battery sodium replenishment method, sodium ion battery and its preparation method.

Some investors asked SUNWODA in the interactive platform: How many miles can the company’s power lithium battery travel at present, and what is the extent of the company’s solid-state lithium battery research?

SUNWODA replied that: the company has already mass-produced high-energy density cell products with a range of more than 800 kilometers, but there will be slight differences according to customer project requirements and pack design. The advanced solid-state battery technologies that the company has/reserves include high nickel cathode and silicon-based cathode/lithium metal cathode sulfide all-solid-state batteries and new lithium-sulfur solid-state battery technologies.

Since this year, the progress of the application of sodium batteries in the field of automotive has been significantly accelerated, September 14, electrolyte leader Huasheng lithium in the investor interactive platform, said the new “sodium ion battery” concept.

Sodium hydrogen borate and sodium bis(fluorosulfonyl)imide are sodium ion battery products, but the research and development are still in the laboratory research stage, only small batch trial production, does not yet have the scale, and industrial production capacity.

On September 20, Meilian New Material and Qicai Chemical signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the two sides tentatively jointly invest 2.5 billion yuan to build an annual output of 180,000 tons of battery-grade Prussian blue (white) industrialization project, dedicated to the research and development of sodium ion battery cathode material Prussian blue (white) series products and industrialization, to boost the development of sodium-ion battery industry.

At this stage, the development of power batteries relies too much on lithium resources, there is a risk of a “stuck neck”, and it is difficult to support the needs and development of new energy vehicles and large-scale energy storage industries at the same time. So the search for new alternatives has become an imminent problem. But it does not matter, NMP (electronic grade N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone) is suitable for lithium-ion batteries, but also for sodium-ion batteries.

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