It has been confirmed! BYD’s blade battery has been supplied to Tesla’s German Gigafactory!

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According to news from Sina Technology, it was said that several people familiar with the matter revealed that BYD’s blade battery has been delivered to Tesla’s super factory in Berlin, Germany. In fact, in June, the editor reported relevant content,  BYD admitted it, but Tesla did not. It was very confusing for a while. But now a number of people are familiar with the matter have disclosed to Sina Technology that the cooperation between BYD and Tesla has become a fact.

Of course, it’s just that Tesla’s Gigafactory in Berlin, Germany has applied BYD’s blade batteries, and the Gigafactory in Shanghai, China, has no plans to use BYD’s batteries yet. It is expected that Tesla vehicles equipped with BYD blade batteries will be able to roll off the production line by the end of August or early September.

Before BYD, Tesla’s global battery suppliers mainly included South Korea’s LG, Japan’s Panasonic and CATL. Among them, Tesla is mainly supplied by CATL in China and the Asia-Pacific market; a small part is supplied by LG. In April 2021, BYD announced that all its pure electric models will be replaced with blade batteries. Therefore, BYD’s blade batteries are mainly supplied internally. Previously, only a small amount was supplied to China’s FAW, Changan Automobile, Toyota, Zhongtong Bus and other car companies.

Now, one context for the partnership: BYD surpassed Tesla in sales in the first half of 2022.

BYD’s financial report for the first half of 2022 shows that in the first six months of this year, a total of 641,400 sets new energy vehicles were sold , a year-on-year increase of 314.9%, surpassing Tesla’s global sales of 564,000.

Benefiting from the surge in car sales, BYD once surpassed established battery manufacturers such as Panasonic in the power battery business, and even defeated LG New Energy and CATL in the lithium iron phosphate market segment.

Official data shows that the total installed capacity of BYD batteries in 2022 is about 34.042GWh, an increase of 167.90% over the same period last year;

In the first half of 2021, BYD ranked second in China with only 8.422GWh of battery installed capacity, with a market share of 15.7%.

But Tesla’s Giga in Shanghai will not use BYD’s batteries for the time being. Their main supplier is still CATL’s LFP batteries. Two battery leaders: CATL and BYD’s LFP batteries are innovative and offer very good characteristics.

LFP batteries from these two battery manufacturers are cheaper than NMC or NCA batteries. Also, their supply chain has strong vertical integration capabilities.

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