How to solve the problem of spontaneous combustion? CATL expects to launch condensed matter batteries in 2023!

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Why are electric vehicles in the new energy industry always prohibitive? ( The NMP solvent produced and supplied by Smart Fortress & Zesheng New Materials can be used in the preparing process of lithium batteries in the new energy industry.)In addition to the fact that the repair fee may be more expensive than a new car, the probability of spontaneous combustion of electric vehicles is also higher than that of gasoline vehicles. This is the conclusion made by Sun Jinhua, a professor at the University of Science and Technology of China, at the recent World Power Battery Conference, citing relevant data from the Ministry of Emergency Management: In China, the probability of spontaneous combustion of electric vehicles is higher than that of fuel vehicles.

car fires by vehicle type

But the conclusions are different abroad . Because of the EV brand and the age of the car, EVs are not easy to catch fire in the United States.One research from United States stated that hybrid vehicles are the most possible to catch fire, followed by are pure gas vehicles, and electric vehicles are uneasy to be on fire.

  • Hybrid models ranked first, there are 3,474.5 vehicles were on fire per 100,000 sales, with a fire rate of about 3.5%;
  • For every 100,000 sales of pure oil vehicles, 1,529.9 vehicles were on fire, and the fire rate was about 1.5%;
  • For every 100,000 sales of pure electric vehicles, 25.1 vehicles were on fire, and the fire rate was only 0.03%.

How to solve the problem of spontaneous combustion of electric vehicles, to let Chinese people trust electric vehicles more, and how to speed up the development of the new energy industry?

Two days ago, the chief scientist Wu Kai from CATL revealed in the World New Energy Vehicle Conference that CATL plans to launch a new generation of battery cells in 2023: condensed matter batteries.

It is said that this battery has high safety, high reliability and good cycle life, and its performance is unparalleled.

Not only that, Zeng Yuqun, the chairman of CATL, also said that beside the Kirin batteries, they are also researching more new batteries.

Such as all-solid-state batteries, semi-solid-state batteries, and now the condensed matter batteries .

CATL, as an industry leader, is always developing rapidly.

On June 23, the Kirin battery of CTP3.0 was released by scientist from CATL [The system integration level has been reached a new stage in the world, the volume utilization rate has exceeded 72%, the energy density can reach 255Wh/kg, and the vehicle can achieve a cruising range of 1,000 kilometers],And it is ready for mass production in 2023.

*What is a condensed matter battery?

Condensed matter batteries are one of the semi-solid-state batteries. Because it is a condensed electrolyte, it contains liquid components inside. Some experts say that condensed matter batteries can achieve superfluid and superconducting states, with more stable performance, better conductivity (faster conduction efficiency), and larger battery capacity. The emergence of this battery may be able to effectively change the problem of existing new energy vehicles catching fire.

The description from Baidu Encyclopedia: Condensed matter refers to a system composed of a large number of particles, and there is a strong interaction between the particles. There are various kinds of condensed matter in nature, and solid and liquid are the most common condensed matter. Superfluid states is at low temperature, superconducting states, Bose-Einstein condensates, ferromagnetic states in magnetic media, antiferromagnetic states, etc., are also condensed states.

It is said that the emergence of condensed matter batteries will effectively reduce the problem of spontaneous combustion of electric vehicles. Whether can innovate one kind of battery really solve this problem? Of course not, CATL will also launch the second generation of battery safety technology, which is NP2.0 technology.

NP2.0 technology adopts “high voltage and flue gas active isolation technology”, which can be compatible with different battery chemical systems, and has a great improvement in safety compared with the previous generation technology. Adoption of this technology will be also started in 2023.

Of course, no one can guarantee that such a 1+1 can really solve the problem of spontaneous combustion of electric vehicles. But at least we can see that the new energy industry is making continuous progress and development. So can the NMP solvent of Smart Fortress & Zesheng New Materials continue to be updated?Are you kidding me? How to upgrade the raw materials?

However, the customized NMP waste gas recovery equipment we provided will be continuously upgraded according to the actual situation of battery manufacturers.

The NMP waste gas recovery system can be supervised by the ZESHENG team, the purity of the waste liquid is higher than the purity of the battery manufacturer’s own operation, more in line with the national standard, and can save more costs for the battery manufacturer.

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