Effects of NMP impurities on battery performance

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The most commonly used #solvent in the front-end batching process of #lithium-ion #batteries is #NMP, commonly known as methyl, scientific name is N-methylpyrrolidone, and the molecular formula is C5H9NO.

Although the vast majority of NMP will be evaporated during the coating process, there are still some related questions surrounding NMP solvents that have not been clearly answered, such as the effect of NMP residues or impurities in them on the performance of Li-ion batteries. Today, I will share with you some knowledge about this aspect for your reference and discussion.

Basic rules for solvent selection;
Technical requirements for battery-grade NMP;
The function of NMP in battery technology;
Impurities that may be generated in NMP;
The influence of different kinds of impurities on battery performance;
How to control impurities in NMP;

Effects of NMP impurities on battery performance

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