Detailed explanation: What is a solid-state battery? Can it be used in a car?

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Of course the Solid-state batteries can be installed in vehicles. The main listed companies are producing solid-state batteries include BYD (002594), SAIC (600104), NIO (NIO), CATL (300750), Farasis Energy (688567), Gotion High- Tech (002074) et al. They are all regulars on the battery loading list!

So what is a solid-state battery? The editor will sort out this knowledge with you today.

【What is a solid-state battery? ! 】

A solid-state battery refers to a lithium-ion battery that uses a solid-state electrolyte. Compared with traditional lithium batteries, the most prominent advantage of all-solid-state batteries is safety.

Solid-state batteries have the characteristics of inhibiting lithium dendrites, no interfacial side reactions, no electrolyte leakage, good high temperature performance, and no gas swelling.

The positive and negative materials of solid-state batteries are not much different from those of lithium-ion batteries. The downstream demands for solid-state batteries also includes three major areas: consumer batteries, power batteries, and energy storage batteries.

It has been reported recently that SVOLT has successfully developed a solid-state battery using a sulfide electrolyte. SVOLT is also the first battery manufacturer in China to demonstrate the production of such solid-state batteries.

Successfully completed tests prove this: e.g. 200°C hot box test and spike test. These test conditions typically lead to thermal runaway of cells in high-energy liquid electrolyte batteries; however, the new 20Ah battery from SVOLT survived the test unscathed.

* Honeycomb Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (SVOLT) is a global high-tech company headquartered in China that has made significant progress in the development of solid-state batteries. The company recently produced the first 20Ah batteries with a sulfide solid-state electrolyte.

SVOLT and top scientific research institutions (Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences) have overcome many difficulties together: such as improving the high conductivity of solid-state electrolytes and interface layers;The stable contact between the interfaces is maintained for a long time, and the efficient transfer of Li ions at the interface is maintained.

SVOLT continuously develops and mass-produces lithium-ion cells and battery systems for electric vehicles and energy storage systems. For example, in April 2019, the company introduced a new prismatic battery architecture with stacked electrodes.

These cells have 5% higher energy density, 10% longer lifetime and 15% lower cost than cells of the same size produced by the winding process.

At the same time, Factorial Energy will also open a new solid-state electric vehicle battery factory for development and manufacturing in the Boston suburb of Maythuen, Massachusetts.

Factorial Energy, like SVOLT, specializes in new solid-state batteries that can be used in electric vehicles.

*Factorial, headquartered in Woburn, Massachusetts, is currently working with automakers Hyundai Motor Company, Mercedes-Benz and Stellantis to develop safer, higher-performance solid-state EV batteries for future passenger and commercial vehicles.The company has a very special technology called FEST (Factor Electrolyte System Technology).

At present, FEST technology can be applied in 40Ah batteries and is highly compatible with existing lithium-ion battery manufacturing equipment.

The traditional lithium-ion battery is considered to have reached its limit by the scientific community in 2021. Perhaps the next new energy outlet is the solid-state battery.Of course, there are other battery technologies under study, such as the condensed matter battery edited in the previous article.The new energy industry is constantly updating and iterative battery technology, which can always bring various surprises, let us continue to look forward to it.

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