Closed-loop EV battery recycling & NMP recycled system:Environmental Actions to Learn from!

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What is the main purposes of the new energy industry?Protect the environment and recycle resources. Therefore, not only WIT FENGZE&ZESHENG will customize NMP (N-methylpyrrolidone) waste liquid recovery solutions for lithium battery companies; electric vehicle companies have also established a recyclable battery recovery network.Now, let’s learn with the editor about the benefits that this battery recycling network in the new energy industry, built with a century of experience, has brought to the entire industry.Of course, if you also need to know the recycling scheme of NMP waste liquid, you may wish to contact the service team of WIT FENGZE&ZESHENG, we will customize different NMP recycling schemes according to your business needs. WIT FENGZE&ZESHENG will use our expertise to save you money while protecting the environment.

Next, let’s complete three questions: Which company is Clarios? Why is it building a battery recycling network? How long has it taken to build this recycling network?

NO.1: Which company is Clarios?

Clarios, the world’s largest battery manufacturer for new energy vehicles, formerly known as Johnson Controls; the company emerged as the champion in the second stage of the Li-ion Battery Recycling Awards competition.

NO.2: Why does it establish a recycling network?

Lithium-ion battery recycling is actually a DOE-sponsored project with three phases; the purpose is to develop and demonstrate some of the processes. Once these processes are scaled up, there is a good chance that 90% of used lithium batteries will be recycled in the U.S. and could reintroduce critical recycled materials into U.S. supply chains. After receiving this award, Clarios has more focused on developing and applying technology to ensure that each chemical has an appropriate and safe method of recycling.

Closed-loop EV battery recycling & NMP recycled system

This coincides with WIT FENGZE&ZESHENG. WIT FENGZE&ZESHENG has not only been committed to the production and supply of NMP solvents since 2014, but also created a set of NMP waste liquid recovery solutions for lithium battery companies, and customized a set of collection condensation, heating, evaporation of water, separation of NMP It is a waste liquid recovery equipment that integrates complex processes such as tertiary rectification. Although NMP solvent acts as  a small role in the manufacturing process of lithium batteries, it is also a role that cannot be ignored. Therefore, the NMP waste liquid recovery system has been welcomed by many lithium battery companies, and GREAT POWER is one of our good partners.

NO.3: How long did it take to build this recycling network?

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Clarios’ recycling experience began before Daimler and Benz built the first motorcycle (1885) and has been around for over a hundred years. More than 80 percent of the materials Clarios uses in the manufacture of new batteries are recycled lead and polypropylene. After hundreds of years of historical tempering and accumulation of experience, Clarios has established and improved a battery recycling network. After nearly 10 years of hard work, WIT FENGZE&ZESHENG has gradually improved the NMP waste liquid recovery system and promoted it to the market, and has gained a good reputation and reputation.

Reading should be rich and good at extracting the essence; there should be rich accumulation and share it gradually.Smart people are all doing the same thing, one of which is the environmental protection action that benefits  countries and people, protects the environment, and accelerates resource recycling. Whether it is used batteries or NMP waste liquid, once it is released into the environment, it will do nothing but harm. Therefore, the concept of recycling is worthy of admiration. Whether it is Clarios’s establishment of a waste battery recycling network, or the WIT FENGZE&ZESHENG team’s establishment of an NMP waste liquid recycling system, these are classic cases that the entire new energy industry can learn from and can be used for reference by the industry.

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