CALB-Tech may lead a new round of innovation in global power batteries (containing NMP solvent in raw materials)!

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As one of the raw material manufacturers of lithium batteries (power batteries) in the new energy industry, ZESHENG, the production and supplier of “small transparent” NMP solvents, is working hard to join the CALB-Tech cooperation camp. Therefore, we have been paying attention to the continuous progress and expansion of CALB-Tech. Not only CALB-Tech, the competitiveness of our Chinese enterprises is among the best in the global power battery market.

After taking inventory of the global power battery installed capacity data in July 2022, there are 6 Chinese companies in the TOP10. Among them is CALB-Tech, and their data is very bright:

1) Exceed Samsung SDI ,the installed capacity is 2.1GWh;

2) It is the highest month-on-month growth among the global TOP10 battery companies;

3) From January to July this year, the installed capacity was reached 10GWh, a year-on-year increase of 147%;

Except this data, CALB-Tech simultaneously improves in product segmentation, market supporting areas, global expansion, and supply chain collaboration.

For customers within China, CALB-Tech adheres to the policy of continuous penetration:

For example, in the field of passenger cars, CALB-Tech is not only the core supplier of GAC Aeon and Changan Automobile, but also continuously increasing the battery support for the main hot-selling models such as “National God Car” Hongguang Mini EV, Xiaopeng Motor, and Leap Motor At the same time, it will also pay close attention to the battery supporting aspects of Chery, Geely, GAC Toyota and other car companies.

In the field of commercial vehicles, CALB-Tech is also a battery supplier for many commercial vehicle companies such as Rich Auto, Geely Auto, Geely Commercial Vehicle, Chery Auto, Xiamen King Long, etc.

For foreign customers, CALB-Tech is also expanding rapidly. It is currently known that it has cooperated with BMZ Group, a world-renowned enterprise. The lithium battery products innovatively developed by CALB-Tech will be applied to BMZ’s buses, trucks, agricultural machinery and construction machinery.

Yes, CALB-Tech will be born with new battery technology in the future. At the 2022 World New Energy Vehicle Conference, which has already ended, CALB-Tech showcased their highly innovative technologies and products.

For example, OS lithium permanganate battery, One-Stop minimalist battery technology, the latest TPP2.0 (thermal suppression protection) technology, etc. China Innovation Airlines has made new breakthroughs in various dimensions such as cost, safety, battery life, maintenance, and recycling, adding leverage to the TWh era. As a “small and transparent” NMP solvent production supplier in the new energy industry, ZESHENG is also working hard to “moisten things silently”, and looks forward to cooperating with industry leaders to increase leverage for the future.

【OS1.0 system of CALB-Tech】

The OS series products are not only suitable for mainstream battery material systems such as lithium iron phosphate and ternary, but also in various scenarios such as passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and energy storage. It is reported that based on the OS platform, CALB-Tech has developed products such as OS lithium permanganate, OS high nickel multi-component, OS semi-solid and OS all-climate high-energy lithium iron.

The supporting data of the OS 1.0 battery system is also very eye-catching:

It can support the industry’s highest energy density of 270Wh/kg; it can last more than 1000km; it can be equipped with a clip battery 2.0.

It is said that this batch of products are mass-produced and currently undergoing relevant testing.

【Product Matrix of CALB-Tech】

CALB-Tech’s battery products are also very abundant, including 6C cylindrical, 4C fast charging and other diversified power battery products.

When it comes to battery products, we have to talk about CALB-Tech’s lithium-sulfur batteries. At present, the energy density of this battery has been developed to 420Wh/kg, and it is expected to achieve 500Wh/kg in 2023.

Let’s have a look at the advantages of lithium-sulfur batteries:

Support battery life of 1000km;

The cost is comparable to that of a fuel vehicle;

It can cool down without slowing down;

The capacity of minus-20℃>90%, the capacity of minus-35℃>80%;

CALB-Tech’s innovation and creative capabilities are far more than those listed above. In the field of solid-state batteries, they have also successfully developed various types of all-solid-state electrolyte materials with high stability and high ionic conductivity, as well as macro-production technology; charging technology. CALB-Tech has been rushing along the road of “Global Leading”, “Global First” and “Global Original”.

Looking at CALB-Tech’s continuous innovation ability, as a “small and transparent” NMP solvent production supplier in the new energy industry, ZESHENG is also secretly encouraging, hoping to follow in the footsteps of the great gods and continuously improve its own competitiveness.

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