A lithium battery with NMP solvent as one of the raw materials may be born with a new technology!

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Although NMP solvent is a raw material with less usage, it does not prevent the production of lithium batteries without its support. WIT FENGZE & ZESHENG, whose main work is to produce and supply NMP solvents, will not only disclose relevant knowledge points about NMP solvents, but also pay attention to industry information of the lithium battery industry. Recently, the editor heard news that GAC Group has released a new generation of super-power iron-lithium battery technology, which can surpass Tesla’s 4680! Welcome to learn together.

On June 28, GAC Group released a new generation of super-energy lithium iron battery technology (SmLFP) based on microcrystalline technology at the 2022 GAC Technology Day.

Microcrystalline super power iron lithium battery technology

[Which is better between lithium iron phosphate battery and super lithium iron battery? ]

Compared with ternary lithium batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries have the advantages of low cost, long cycle, and high safety. Through innovations in packaging processes such as CTC/CTB and CTP, their energy density can also be improved.

At present, mainstream new energy car companies such as Tesla, BYD, Wuling, and Xiaopeng Motors have clarified the path of lithium iron phosphate batteries.

However, the shortcomings of lithium iron phosphate batteries cannot be ignored:

  1. Winter battery life shrinks;
  2. Weak fast charging capability;
  3. Inaccurate SOC detection;
  4. It is difficult to increase energy density;

The above shortcomings still require corresponding technologies to solve these problems.


However, Li Jin, head of the battery R&D department of GAC Aian R&D Center, revealed that the new generation of super-energy lithium iron battery technology has improved the energy density of lithium iron phosphate batteries by introducing second-phase cathode microcrystals into lithium iron phosphate batteries Low temperature, fast charging, cycling and other performance.

According to the official introduction of GAC, the advantages of super-energy lithium iron batteries compared with the current mass-produced lithium iron phosphate batteries on the market lie in the following points:

  1. The cell mass energy density is increased by 13.5%;
  2. Volume energy density increased by 20%;
  3. -20°C low temperature capacity increased by about 10%;
  4. Fast charge can reach above 2C;
  5. Power battery life can reach more than 1.5 million kilometers (>4000 weeks@80%);

GAC’s new technology (SmLFP) effectively solves the technical problem of “balanced performance” for lithium batteries.

The BYD blade battery, which also uses lithium iron phosphate, can be charged and discharged more than 3,000 times, and the battery life is 1.2 million kilometers. In such a comparison, it seems that GAC Group’s super-powered iron-lithium battery is superior.

Battery life

GAC Group also plans to launch more than ten new and remodeled models this year, and this battery technology will be the first to be installed on GAC Aeon’s new model with the current internal code name A02, and it is expected to “get on the car” as early as next year.

If the lithium battery wants to expand its production steadily and “get on the train” steadily, it is inseparable from the procurement of raw materials. A complete supply chain is the strong backing for the mass production of lithium batteries. WIT FENGZE & ZESHENG specializing in the production and supply of NMP solvents for 10+ years, looking forward to becoming a member of your supply chain. Welcome friends who need NMP solvent to contact us to discuss cooperation plans.

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